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    Designed to rival the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts, Vanguard Apartments in Melbourne boast an impressive offering when it comes to location, convenience and style and Malvern apartment living. Representing generosity at its finest – from storage spaces to the tapware in the Shannon Bennett designed kitchen  – Vanguard sets a new standard in apartment living.

    We sat down with renowned interior designer Adele Bates to discuss her role with Vanguard Apartments, designing for a lifestyle and her favourite restaurants in Melbourne.

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    Ms Bates, what is unique about styling a multi-residential, as opposed to residential?

    At Adele Bates Design, we believe that interior styling is ultimately all about giving a constructed space a unique look and feel characterised by the residents of the space. This is just as achievable in a multi-residential space as a single residential space. As a studio we approach the styling for a multi-residential space much the same way as we would for a single residence.

    We take into account out client’s lifestyle, personal aesthetic and taste, existing furnishings and décor, and the space in mind. We then layer the spaces taking into consideration all of the above.

    Who is the Vanguard man/woman?

    Being an established area with excellent facilities, parks and good quality schools, Malvern is home to many families. The boutique shopping and hospitality scene also attracts a younger demographic to the area.

    The Vanguard clientele is someone who expects quality and wants a dynamic and comfortable lifestyle. The specialty areas offered by Vanguard – such as the exclusive dining room, wine cellar and media room – facilitate a sophisticated lifestyle.

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    What attracted you to the Vanguard development?

    As a studio we strive to design sophisticated and timeless interiors. As an ambassador it’s really important that I represent projects that are in alignment with the studio’s values. The Vanguard development is a project that really ticks all the boxes we believe are paramount to a project’s success.

    Tell us a bit more about Melbourne:

    Best place to shop design… Top3 by Design, Jardan, Aesop and Dinosaur Designs.

    Best place to eat… Da Noi in South Yarra for amazing Italian with a Sardinian influence, plus the  Moroccan Soup Kitchen’s delicatessen on Lygon Street for delicious lunch platters. Messina is also always a winner. Plus anything with peanut butter…

    Best place to drink… Right now, any rooftop bar, we’re all about making the most of the end of the warm season.

    Best place to getaway… Hotel Hotel has really helped put Canberra on the map again. We love the quirky interiors and there is great evolving food and wine scene going on in Canberra at the moment. We also can’t go past the Mona Pavilions in Tasmania. The scenery (not to mention the gallery) is epic.

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