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    Melbourne interior designer Georgia Ezra of GABBE certainly has a knack for materiality. Her recent Richmond project, featured last year on est, explored deep emerald tiles, smooth cement and a myriad of artworks and fabrics in a petite city home.

    Now Georgia has turned her attention to a classic Malvern home, transforming kitchen and living spaces to suit easy everyday living. From the eye-catching central staircase to tile and cabinetry details, there’s plenty to enjoy in this unpretentious inner-suburban home.

    DESIGN GABBE | PHOTOGRAPHY Stewart Leishmann

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    Working with local builders Olive Constructions, GABBE have comprehensively renovated and renewed the central living and dining spaces of the home. Simple white walls let the striking herringbone floors grab your attention. The light colour palette also helps to emphasise some of the conceptual structures of the design, like the gentle curl of the staircase, elegantly framed by the solid railing.

    In the kitchen, tiles are again front and centre, this time in the form of a splash back made comprised of muted grey square mosaic tiles from Tiles of Ezra (Georgia’s side project). Also featured above the oven, the tiles are complimented by marble benchtops and white cabinetry, while the kitchen island integrates timber features to create an informal dining space. On the left wall, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry cleverly hides away the fridge and other kitchen appliances.

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    The two living areas pay homage to the suburban history of the home while beginning to subtly introduce modern design elements. Spoilt with natural light, the lounge room has a distinct vintage aesthetic, with a tan and grey colour palette and warm timber panelling features. This timber panelling is also featured in the dining and living space, contrasted by the stone fireplace. A mixture of new and vintage furnishings add further materiality to the space, while a study nook is tucked between the kitchen and living area.

    Across furnishings, materiality and design, this home mixes contrasting elements harmoniously and effectively. In using neutral colours to compliment a range of materials and subtle patterns, the home feels lived-in and relaxed without losing its sense of style.

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    Tiles of Ezra was conceptualised after Georgia was unable to find a high-quality tile range for her interior designer projects. In partnership with her sister, NYC-based designer Macaela Ezra, they developed Tiles of Ezra to bring authentic, globally-made tiles to the home.

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    Using the same timber as the panelling in the lounge and living room spaces, the kitchen island offers storage space, preparation space and a relaxed dining spot in the custom bench and table design.

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