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    If you’re looking to add to your own personal collection of art, or even if you’re just an enthusiastic admirer, then you should take a look at the current exhibition of work by Melbourne based artist, Marise Maas, at the Flinders Lane Gallery over the next few weeks.

    Here you will see an exhibition of works that form a reflective visual reference created by the artist as we peer through the bubble of her local surroundings and domestic family life. (If only our domestic life could look so whimsical and poetic?!) Whether it is the kitchen table or the local footy field on a freezing winters day (we share in the anxiety of that hardship only too well) Marise uses her cryptic, artistic language to evoke a feeling of either lightness or a sense of foreboding.

    We asked Marise to share with us a little insight into what makes her tick…

    In 3 words describe your style? Figurative not realistic.

    What are you currently working on? New paintings for a show at Flinders Lane Gallery in Melbourne.

    Where do you live and work? Altona beach-burb in Melbourne’s West.

    What are you inspired by this month? Seasonal change plus small things around me that seem interesting.

    What are you reading? The Heart Broke In (by James Meek).

    What are you listening to? Always seem to listen to something. Be it listening to the news, radio talkers, podcasts or audio novels. Plus music varied on the mood, from baroque to soul and in between and beyond.

    What are you watching? TV trash and there is plenty of it at the moment. I like things like The Real House Wives of Atlanta and documentaries about people with dramas, the serious and the ridiculous. Plus I like watching films at the cinema.

    Who would you most like to sit next to at a dinner party? Ray Charles but he is dead. Maybe Georgie Fame?

    What is your greatest extravagance? Wine, good seafood and meat, buying books, restaurants and painting.

    Name your favourite destination? South East Asia and Amorgos, an island in Greece.

    What does the word luxury mean to you? Luxury can be described by the last 2 questions, Extravagance with travel destination.

    ‘Trying Not to Worry’
    28 October – 22 November (Gallery 1 & 2)
    Flinders Lane Gallery

    Est Magazine Maas Unlockable 2014 oil on canvas 130x130cm email

    Unlockable 2014

    Oil on canvas

    130 x 130cm

    Est Magazine Maas Trying Not To Worry 2014 oil and acrylic on paper 70x50cm unframed

    Trying Not To Worry 2014

    Oil and acrylic on paper

    76 x 56 cm

    Est Magazine Maas The Decline of Paper 2014 oil on canvas 130x130cm email

    The Decline of Paper 2014

    Oil on canvas

    130 x 130 cm

    Est Magazine Maas Everyone Will Be Legless 2014 oil on canvas 50x90cm email

    Everyone Will Be Legless 2014

    Oil on canvas

    50 x 90 cm

    Est Magazine Maas Bit Dangerous 2014 oil on canvas 50cmx90cm email

    Bit Dangerous 2014

    Oil on canvas

    50 x 90 cm


    Est Magazine Maas KeepingThisVeryQuiet 2014 ooc 130x 130cm copy

    Keeping this Very Quiet 2014,

    Oil on canvas,

    130cm x 130cm


    ‘Trying Not to Worry’
    28 October – 22 November (Gallery 1 & 2)
    Flinders Lane Gallery

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