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    Exposing the moment in a brave but truthful way is photographer Marnie Haddad’s approach to capturing pixilated still life. With a portfolio covering fashion magazines, Haddad’s craft comes from a love of light, colour and opulent surroundings. Bringing these elements together, Haddad is exhibiting her latest work The Fourth Floor, a captivating collection of contemporary cinematic style whilst drawing on a renaissance theme.

    The Marnie Haddad exhibition, The Fourth Floor, will be on view at Scott Livesey Galleries from Thursday
    24th July to Saturday 9th August, 2014.

    Here we uncover the depth to this artist’s talent…

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    What was the path that lead you to a creative career?

    It was not a choice for me, I was always drawing and painting growing up. I fell in love with colour when I studied Graphic Design at UCLA and ached to learn the techniques of light with photography. I then realized that once you grasp the concepts of physics, controlling aperture and shutter (depth of field and movement), you could then translate an image onto paper in a similar way to drawing. This really excited me and I could control the output of my vision.

    Can you explain the process of creating your concepts and visual stories?

    I usually begin with a subject, a face. I love faces, it is a big part of my job. I was growing weary of simply pretty girls on fashion shoots and began to really appreciate interesting faces that seem to speak through their eyes. I then weave a story through locations, costumes and subjects without laboring too much on an elaborate concept. I direct the tone of the feeling and mood but I tend to let the day unfold and the subject guide the process of the shoot and the results tell their own story. Colour plays a very large roll for me, I indulge in the fantasy of rich hues in totally lush settings.

    How has your style and eye evolved over time?

    I had to find a technique to create the warmth of film – I love the softness and depth of grain. This led me to using a constant light source and controlling the shadows so digital did not feel sterile and cold. I have always loved portraiture whether it is commercial, celebrity portraits or my fine art series.

    Who are photographers and artists that influence you?

    I am inspired by all imagery – from the great masters to current magazines.

    Your upcoming exhibition The Fourth Floor draws on a dreamy realm of renaissance with a contemporary setting, how would you define the balance between the two worlds within these images?

    I love modern art and I began to realize that a timeless setting could actually be very current and contemporary. The photograph then takes on a new life yet again once it is hung in a home and the balance between two worlds, old and new collides.

    What are your favorite pieces of art, photographs or design pieces that you have in your home?

    I have a wonderful Bill Henson photograph, a replica painting of a Renaissance still life and an infante. I also bought a Jenny Watson painting, I love her naive style, which is so difficult to do, and I admire so much. I also love my beautiful Mark Douglass red glass heart.

    What other projects are you working on?

    I still shoot for magazines (including Est) and fashion labels, which I really enjoy! Working to a brief and satisfying the clients needs is great, but then in contrast being the creative that I am, I also love to completely control the outcome. I have commissioned portraiture for clients coming up and another fine art series.

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    Photo of Marnie courtesy of Gavin Green.


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