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    We caught up the insanely sweet Mr Martin Kornbek Hansen from &tradition at Designex, Melbourne, the other week for a cosy little chat on his new hero piece the Mayor Sofa (as an aside he has the Mayor on order in yellow). Hosts Great Dane Furniture set up the sofa based tête-à-tête, and we couldn’t wait to meet the mastermind behind one of our favourite Scandinavian furniture labels. It makes sense that Great Dane, Australia’s leading champion of Scandinavian design, embraced &tradition wholeheartedly to support the global expansion of the brand.

    What we love about &tradition is that they too believe in the power of a good collaboration. Established in 2010, the Danish design company threw open the doors to their new furniture concept, based on both tradition and innovation, to seek out new designers and connect  them with the masters of old to explore and expand on a library of furniture and lighting designs spanning from 1930 to 2013 and beyond.

    Pushing the boundaries of manufacturing techniques with new and innovative materials, &tradition is, we think, the perfect blend of the old with the new. Using a combination of timber and metals with a design aesthetic influenced by the brands Nordic heritage, the range, with a gentle nod to its forbearers homeland, has a truly global appeal.

    Tradition Fly Lounge Est Magazine
    The Utzon Lamp JU1, Fly Sofa – Wings, FlowerPot Lamp and Hoof Table SW1 by &tradition

    Tradition AJ Sofa Est Magazine

    The Bellevue AJ3 Lamp, Raft Bar Stool NA4 and Mayor Sofa by &tradition at Cult.

    Styling: STUDIOPEPE

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