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    Material Excess:
    Interior designer Fiona Lynch invites us into the design studio to share her material inspirations.

    retouched 20110805 DohertyLynch S1 053“This month our focus is on the use of a single material and the impact designers can create.

    Eliminating materials is a process we always go through in our design office. At the concept stage we often find our project material trays overflowing and burdened. Too many materials confuses design clarity and impact.

    Recently there has been a movement amongst designers to create spaces with a minimal approach to materials. One designer who exemplifies this is UK architect David Chipperfield. His Valentino store in New York is a wonderful example of working with two materials – stone and terrazzo – to create a powerful design language. This minimal approach, David has clarified Valentino’s position as a brand of strength and clarity.”


    Est Magazine david chipperfield Valentino

    Valentino New York

    Convincing our clients to love a material as much as we do is often an issue. However there is a shift happening where clients are more understanding of the beauty of natural stone and timber. We look forward to bringing our clients closer towards the wonderful expression that is the refinement of using a single material – and creating a strong response from those inhabiting our spaces.

    Est Magazine Anish Kapoor Sculpture

    Anish Kapoor Sculpture

    Artist Anish Kapor explores the properties of metal: reflective, matte and sometimes coloured. His recent green disc mounted on a wall is elegant refined and beautiful. I would love to see an interior panelled in this luscious green.

    Est Magazine OVO grabczewscy2

    Copper Clad Pavillion by OVO Grabczewscy Arhitects

    Est Magazine Bravo24 hotel Isabel Lopez

    Bravo 24 W Hotel by Isabel Lopez Architects

    Timber is one of those materials that creates instant warmth and Isabel Lopez has done just this in her recent Barcelona hotel project. Timber members create patterned screens that zone areas within the hotel. By using only one material Lopez has created a strong design which is decorative as well.

    Est Magazine carved upholstery Ruskasa

    Carved Timber Benches by Ruskasa

    Furniture designers frequently understand the importance of eliminating excess materials in their work. Ruskasa has carved the form and detail of upholstery using only timber into a wooden bench seat. Craftsmanship is exaggerated in this furniture piece by the simplicity of using only one material.

    Est Magazine christian haas ropes 3

    Christian Haas Ropes 3

    Lighting designer Christian Hass’s recent work in Neon tube needs no other materials to embellish. Knotted and hung simply from a hook, he demonstrates a delicate minimalism.

    Est Magazine Brutalisim Joerg Koch

    Editor Joerg Koch’s home in central Berlin.

    PHOTOGRAPHER: Henry Bourne

    Colour en masse is another wonderful way of creating an unforgettable interior. Joerg Koch’s love of purple wraps across the floor and up the walls of his latest interior. Textured concrete recedes and allows his use of colour to impact.

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