Mediterranean Garden Villa by Studio Piet Boon

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    Studio Piet Boon call on traditional Andalusian architecture’s charming characteristics in this expansive Hacienda-style villa in southern Spain.

    At first glance, the Mediterranean Garden Villa by Studio Piet Boon appears as though it’s been nestled among the lush Andalusian landscape for decades. Patinated terracotta roof tiles, crisp white stucco and imperfect stone floors tell the tale of a lived-in, multi-generational family home. However, the 735-sqm villa is an entirely new house, designed by Studio Piet Boon to integrate with the existing streetscape seamlessly.

    Studio Piet Boon consciously specified building materials from the region when designing this Andalusian retreat, emanating the ‘recognisably casual’ ambience of traditional Spanish architecture. The doors, exposed rafters and second-storey pergola have been crafted by Spanish artisans from locally sourced and naturally-weathered timber. Roman-laid stone floors extend from the inside out, establishing a tangible connection with the outdoors.

    Remaining true to the typical Spanish villa floorplan, both storeys are laid out in wings and separated by the double-height grand entrance, creating a balance between private and shared spaces. The home’s first storey is reserved for guests, surrounding an enclosed L-shaped patio reminiscent of an intimate Andalusian village. At the same time, the kitchen, living and sleeping spaces are located on the second floor, opening onto a series of terraces facing the ocean. 

    The stone and timber BRUTAL kitchen system takes centre stage in the dedicated entertaining wing upstairs, designed by Studio Piet Boon as part of their custom kitchen line. The adjacent outdoor dining area underneath the pergola encourages outdoor dining and entertaining, with direct views of the pool and deck on the split level below.

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    The Piet Boon DIEKE sofa, HEIT swivel chair and a Van Rossum coffee table in the living space.

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    The hallway features downlights from PSLab.

    Dutch landscapers Studio REDD worked closely with Studio Piet Boon to create an immersive oasis to complement the classic villa. Tropical plants, including Birds of Paradise, European Fan Palms and Pampas Grass, are at home with the existing and established palm trees, reinstating the permeating sense of permanence.

    The Mediterranean Garden Villa shines a different light on the concept of old-meets-new through reclaimed materiality, informed design decisions and an overarching appreciation and respect for Andalusia’s historic houses. Studio Piet Boon have leaned on centuries of ancient craftsmanship and Spanish heritage, fused with modern-day functionality for family living.

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