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  • Michael Verheyden Combon brass and walnut lid Est Magazine

    Belgium-based industrial designer Michael Verheyden is a contradiction of sorts. Professing his passion for rock music on one hand, while on the other insisting that silence that inspires his designs, this award-winning designer of accessories for both fashion and the home, has us captivated with his use of elegant restraint.

    Using leather, marble, brass and linen, Verheyden prefers materials that develop a patina and beauty with age, while retaining the original clean, simple lines of his design.

    After taking part in the last two Wallpaper* Handmade projects and exhibiting in Milan, we’re expecting to see a lot more of this talented new comer to the design world stage.


    Michael Verheyden | lighthouse low and high candle sticks | Est Magazine

    Michael Verheyden | Pastille burgundy and eske | Est Magazine

    Michael Verheyden | Niez black leather tissue box | Est Magazine


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