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  • Miso Lacemaker detail pin pricks on paper Est Magazine

    Works on paper are a bit of an obsession of ours. This delicate, subtle and humble medium is the perfect compliment to our predilection for a simplistic aesthetic. Artist Miso’s latest exhibition ‘Everywhere I Have Ever Been’ is a series of works on paper influenced by her last few years of travel, detailing her personal fascination of the way in which we internalise and remember cities and the feelings they invoke.


    Miso Stanislava Pinchuk Est Magazine

    Miso in her studio photographed by Bernard Winter.


    Using a combinations of city blocks and odd memories, along with really personal objects Miso has carried with her on her journeys, such as a bras, shoes and passport (the real essentials of life we say – forget about fast internet speed), this sentimental artist weaves together her personal belongings into shapes of the structures that are bigger bigger than herself – a moon, a spiders’ web, geodes and constellations to name a few.

    Miso Lacemaker detail pin pricks on paper Est Magazine
    ‘Lacemaker’ Pin pricks on paper detail


    Using pins to prick blank sheets of paper to tell her story, Miso takes inspiration from aboriginal artist Dorothy Napangardi. Telling her story on the paper by moving across the medium or land, referencing dreaming and micro mapping to tell the stories of the many communities spotted across the country and their collective individual memories.

    Miso Bee pin pricks on paper Est Magazine
    ‘Bee’ Pin pricks on paper


    From the London riots, to the Fukushima earthquake after affect in Tokyo, Miso combines her own internal chaos with that of her surrounding environment to produce work that at first appears ephemeral, but on closer inspection is real and defined.

    Miso Moon A Map of London on the Riots pin pricks on paper Est Magazine
    ‘Moon A Map of London on the Riots’ Pin pricks on paper


    This Melbourne based artist is a real treasure, collected by The National Gallery of Australia, The State Library of Victoria, The University of Queensland Art Museum and the National Gallery Of Victoria – we can only suggest you take the time to see what all the fuss is about. You’ll be blown away.

    ‘Everywhere I have Ever Been’ is showing in Sydney at MiCK from 8th April – 5th May 2013


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