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  • Madeline Moxham KRUGER Est Magazine

    Our reporter- at -large Montana Valich has bought to our attention the beautiful works by London-based jewellery designer, Madeleine Moxham and it would be a crime for us not to pass our findings on.

    With a core collection of statement pieces inspired by striking motifs, Moxham is for the fashionista looking for something a little more individual. Whether you’re looking to rock the after school pick up line or start a conversation at the office water cooler – Moxham will make an impact on any girls outfit.

    Madeline Moxham | KRUGER | Est Magazine

    Moxham | SWIFT HARNESS | Est Magazine

    Moxham | ALBIE MARLOWE | Est Magazine

    Moxham | Anubis White | Est Magazine

    Moxham | OTTO ANUBIS | Est Magazine

    Moxham | SORA SNIPE | Est Magazine1

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