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  • Madeline Moxham KRUGER Est Magazine

    Our reporter- at -large Montana Valich has bought to our attention the beautiful works by London-based jewellery designer, Madeleine Moxham and it would be a crime for us not to pass our findings on.

    With a core collection of statement pieces inspired by striking motifs, Moxham is for the fashionista looking for something a little more individual. Whether you’re looking to rock the after school pick up line or start a conversation at the office water cooler – Moxham will make an impact on any girls outfit.

    Madeline Moxham KRUGER Est Magazine

    Moxham SWIFT HARNESS Est Magazine

    Moxham ALBIE MARLOWE Est Magazine

    Moxham Anubis White Est Magazine

    Moxham OTTO ANUBIS Est Magazine

    Moxham SORA SNIPE Est Magazine1

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