MTR Residence by Alain Carle Architecte

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    Anchored to its undulating and steeply sloping site, MTR Residence sits overlooking one of Quebec’s most revered lakes. As its own outpost of sorts, Alain Carle Architecte firmly plant the resulting home in place, sitting low and leaning across its site.

    Despite the inherent challenges of the undeveloped site, with bouldering cliffs to one side and an unstable sloping edge to the other, the siting across a found stone base created a natural clearing. Alain Carle Architecte’s repeated form ensures structural stability and reinforces a strengthened formal response in its natural setting.

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    Met by generous horizontal bands of formed concrete underfoot, the entry slowly expands into the open and connected home.

    As an embrace of its location, the form opens generously to both the lake as well as the cliffside. Its multiple levels enhance the feeling of enclosure and protection in place, carving a crisp and contemporary abode to feel immersed within the natural. Encased in black metal sheeting, the structure is deliberately subdued and intended to sit secondary to the landscape.

    The reference to the rural peaked gable form further creates a connection to its non-urban positioning and reinforces a light approach. Internally the use of warming timber, underfoot and on vertical surfaces, brings the natural inward while adding rich variation through texture. Formed concrete and stonework then add another element of texture while also adding heft in the process.

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    Connected by its internal metal-wrapped stair, the home retains an open and connected feel, where moments of intimacy allow for seclusion. In every area, the connection beyond the bounding edges of the home reinforces a sense of disconnect and encourages a quietening.

    At the heart of MTR Residence is its lakeside location – and its reminder constantly within range. Located on Lac Tremblant, the home acts as a conservatory to reflect. Through expressing both raw and honest materiality, Alain Carle Architecte has crafted a uniquely tranquil repose.

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