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    Brand director at Fredericia Furniture; Katja Falkenberg lives just north of Copenhagen surrounded by a restorative forest next to a lake, with her husband, two boys and their beloved Bassett hound – Esther.

    As part of our My Space series, Katja Falkenberg takes us on a journey through her renovated 1930s home as we explore her love for classic design, quality materials and the handcrafted curios that she has plans to keep for the next generations to come.

    Describe your personal interior style?

    Classic, uncomplicated and purposeful – with the use of pure, well-crafted materials and subdued nuances.

    Which room do you gravitate the most to and why?

    Our living room which has a view of our garden and the wisteria which I planted right after we moved in.

    How is your home a reflection of you?

    My home embodies my love for classic design, quality materials and items that are crafted to last generation after generation. Our house was built in the 1930s and was renovated before we moved in. During this process, we made sure to restore all details as true to their time as possible. It was integral for my family and I to create a space which feels honest and authentic.

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    Which space/zone do you like to relax in?

    I tend to wind down in our garden. I love nursing our plants and follow our old trees – a copper beech, magnolia, hazelnut and elder flower – as they each transform through the seasons.

    How does your home inspire you and the work you do?

    At work I’m constantly exposed to creative ideas, new products, designers, materials, so it’s been important for me to create a space at home without too many elements and visual noise. I need a calm place where I can recharge.

    What are your favourite personal possessions?

    My iconic design classics such as our Spoke-Back Sofa and set of Spanish Chairs by Børge Mogensen are amongst my favourite belongings. It’s important to have objects that transcend time and can be appreciated by my two sons in the future. Some day they might pass the pieces on to their children and that way the furniture and the memories will live on.

    What makes your house a home?

    The people living in it – my husband, our two sons and our Basset hound Esther.

    This piece originally appeared in est magazine issue 34.

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