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    London-based furniture and lighting designer Lee Broom invites est inside his home away from home; a glamorous, art-deco-inspired New York penthouse featuring his latest furniture collection. 

    With a hoard of global design accolades and international clients Beyonce and Jay Z to his name, it was only natural for designer Lee Broom to set up house in New York. Hailing from London with a background in hospitality design, Lee’s home away from home – a light-filled, two-storey penthouse apartment in the heart of Tribeca – is striking as it is personal, curated with vintage, one-off objects Lee has collected over time.

    Speaking to Lee, we learn how living in New York levels up to his hometown of London and how the world’s most iconic skyline informed the concept behind his new furniture designs.

    How is your home a reflection of you?

    Lee Broom: The apartment is very calming, with lots of natural light, especially in the living room, so I chose pale colours such as whites and ivory, with hints of beige. The lighting pieces I chose for this room look good when they are switched off as when they are illuminated, very sculptural pieces with dense materials rather than totally transparent. I also designed my own furniture for the apartment, and so it all reflects my personal style, with clean lines and a sense of modernity.

    Describe your personal interior style:

    Lee Broom: My designs combine craft and modernity. I think they are at the same time unique and familiar; I reinterpret classic styles and traditional materials in new and contemporary ways, always with an unexpected edge. So essentially, I am a modernist, but I enjoy playing with nostalgia, and I think that’s why my work always has this sense of classicism.

    “A home should be a place you share with others, a space where you can entertain and bring a sense of escapism for others when they visit. This past year has taught us that a home needs to be so much more than just a space to sleep and to eat.”


    – designer Lee Broom

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    A Hanging Hoop chair upholstered in Kvadrat wool provides a place to sit and feel right amongst the city that never sleeps.

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    Lee’s private study showcases vintage pieces including an original leather jacket owned by Keith Haring with a signature artwork painted on the back and a record player Lee purchased when he was younger. The space also features his Lens Flair Table Lamp and the GAN Ply Blue Rug.

    What do you love most about your home’s location and neighbourhood? 

    Lee Broom: This apartment really appealed to me – it is a light-filled, 3000 sq. ft space, with expansive high ceilings and flowing natural light in the heart of Tribeca. The neighbourhood really influenced the space, particularly the furniture I designed for the rooms. The local architecture that you can see from the windows, for instance, and the windows and views are so large that the buildings surrounding the apartment are almost part of the space itself.

    Which space within your home do you gravitate to the most and why?

    Lee Broom: The living room for me is my favourite space. It’s a large room, with lots of light, it is very comfortable but also conceptual at the same time. I like to live like this; I enjoy comfort, but I also enjoy a bit of drama, especially when it comes to entertaining.

    How does living in the Big Apple compare to London? 

    Lee Broom: Having my own space in New York, a city which I adore, is very exciting. I remember coming to New York in 1995, and I stayed with a friend of mine around the corner from this very apartment. The neighbourhood was very different back then, but I remember being so inspired and awestruck. That hasn’t changed. I still love London too, and it will always be my home, but the energy and pace, the food, the architecture, and the open spaces create a different feel. I feel fortunate to spend time in two of the greatest cities in the world.

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    Lee purchased this fluted metal piece specifically for his home – once an architectural fixed item from the interior of a New York skyscraper in the 1970s.

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    The master bathroom is imbued in the same colour palette as the kitchen and features the Lee Broom Crescent Light.

    Congratulations on your new furniture collection, designed specifically for your own home. How did your home nurture your creativity in designing this range? 

    Lee Broom: When you are designing an object, you must consider every single aspect. When you are designing a space, there is a more overarching viewpoint of everything; it’s like seeing the whole scheme with your peripheral vision rather than focusing on one element as you would with the design of furniture or a light fixture. When the two combine and I choose pieces from my own collection or design pieces for the space, it’s an incredibly liberating and creative experience. I am essentially presenting how I think my own designs should work within a residential environment and one that suits me as an individual.

    The new furniture pieces such as the White Street sofa and Tribeca tables were the pieces that were designed with the external environment in mind. An incredible Brutalist skyscraper called the Long Lines building is visible from the living room and the terrace. John Carl Warnecke designed the concrete structure in the 70s, and it has no visible windows. People either love it or hate it, but for me, it has always been one of my favourite buildings in New York. It is typical in its Brutalist style and looks almost apocalyptic. I took the angles and silhouette of this building and used them in the tables and sofa construction, so there is a clear connection between the interior and the landscape outside.

    Do you have any favourite pieces of art or objects within your home?

    Lee Broom: One of my favourite pieces is the bar. It is an original 1980s custom bar designed by Steve Chase for the Chase Residence in Laguna Beach. He was a very prolific American interior designer, mostly based in California, and did many projects for celebrities’ homes during the late 70s and early 80s. I tend to collect many vintage pieces and artworks, and because we have our own factory and warehouse in London, I can store many finds that I pick up from dealers around the world.

    One of our dealers in Los Angeles told me that they had taken several items from this Steve Chase house and was I interested in any of the pieces. This piece was a room divider, but I thought it would make an amazing home bar. Unfortunately, when installing, we had to shut down the street and hire a crane for the piece to be hoisted into the sky onto the roof of the building as it wouldn’t fit in any of the elevators. It was quite a nerve-wracking experience, but I was determined to get this piece in the apartment, and I am thrilled with it.

    What makes your house a home?

    Lee Broom: For me, a home, first and foremost, is a place where you need to feel safe and secure. It needs to be somewhere in which you are surrounded by things that reflect your personality and bring a sense of comfort and calm. A home also should be a place you share with others, a space where you can entertain and bring a sense of escapism for others when they visit. This past year has taught us that a home needs to be so much more than just a space to sleep and to eat.

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