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    Danish accessories designer Yvonne Kone opens the doors to her Copenhagen apartment, mirroring the same effortless style as her namesake label.

    Establishing her label in 2011, Yvonne Kone’s designs are synonymous with quality and timelessness. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, a handbag or a purse, they all exemplify an appreciation for craftsmanship and a streamlined aesthetic, designed in Denmark and made in Italy.

    Her own home, located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Copenhagen, is the minimalist culmination of her approach to form, material and texture. She shares the compact apartment with her 14-year-old son, designed as a place to recharge. Immersed in the vibrant city life and a quiet respite from the busy streets, it exudes calm through Yvonne’s philosophy of ‘few and simple items’. 

    As part of our My Space series, we explore Yvonne’s personal interior style, where she spends most of her time, her favourite materials and design objects and how her home has become a source of inspiration. 

    What do you love most about your home’s location and neighbourhood? 

    Yvonne Kone: I love that my home is located in the very heart of one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Copenhagen. I love the contrast between the building I live in which is an old factory from the 1930s and the surrounding houses which date back to the early 1700s.

    I also love to be close to everything and to feel the vibrant life of the city the moment I walk down on the streets, but still, I’m able to enjoy that it’s completely quiet when I’m inside. I also love the spontaneous visits from my friends and that they actually do pop by quite often, which is really cozy. My shop is less than a 10-minute walk and I have come to love this little morning routine of strolling through the historic streets of Copenhagen.

    How is your home a reflection of you and your family?

    Yvonne Kone: I now only live with my 14-year old son as my other children are now adults and have moved out. I feel this home reflects two people living and working here, one being a teenager. We both like to keep it quite simple and light, and we don’t like a mess, but we both create it pretty fast, so it works for us to have few belongings. Even on days when a lot is going on here, it never takes long to reorganize things or to clean. We both love our balcony and that this is a place that can be just for the two of us – as well as our friends and the rest of the family.

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    Yvonne Kone

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    Describe your personal interior style:

    Yvonne Konne: Surrounding myself with few and simple items has always been something I could relate to and feel safe in. Too many things and belongings weigh me down, whereas if I keep the things I need and actually use, plus just a very few things that fill me with joy and positivity although they have no function, things feel lighter. It is reflected in my home as there really is not a lot when I look around. I love colours, but I also like that there is a movement in everything and that my home and the decoration does not feel too static. I like the idea that I could live just as fine, should I lose all my belongings tomorrow. I love beautiful items, but it really does not give me a lot of fulfilment to own a lot. 

    Which space within your home do you gravitate to the most and why?

    Yvonne Kone: As our home is pretty small and only consist of a bedroom for each of us and a living room, which is also the kitchen and my workspace, I would say I love every corner and feel at home no matter where I am in my home. But one of the biggest joys is to be woken up by the sun every morning and go directly from my bed to my balcony, which is literally by the end of my bed. I really appreciate that outdoor space every single day; it feels like such a luxury when living in the city that I can still go outside while being home.

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    Do you have any favourite materials or design objects within your home?

    Yvonne Kone: The paint on my walls and my curtains are somehow the most important. They are the base of everything, and when the colour is right, then I actually feel like I’m getting a hug just by looking at the wall. I like to keep the paint fresh and usually change the tone once every year. It’s a bit of the opposite to my minimal approach, but just like my shop, I like to keep that distinct movement. In a way, this is to me just like getting your feet or nails a nice treatment; it is not maybe the most eye-catching change for others than yourself, but it’s there, and it makes you feel good. 

    How does your home inspire you?

    Yvonne Kone: My home is where I recharge, and it gives me a lot of energy, especially when I have just cleaned everything, bought fresh flowers and keep the doors to my balcony open and let the fresh air flow. It helps me feel aligned and grateful, and it is also a place where I feel very safe. 

    How has your home served you and comforted you and your family in 2020/2021?

    Yvonne Kone: It helped a lot that there is a lot of natural and direct sunlight and that we have access to an outdoor space in a period where we could not leave home much. During the first lockdown, my children stayed with me, and it was a really cozy and intense time with a feeling of togetherness – we were lucky to have each other. My home has always been important to me, but in the past year, like everyone else, I have never spent so much time looking at the same walls. Maybe for the same reason, it has made even more sense to keep everything in motion and flexible. With few changes, it can feel like your home is never dusty or sleepy but always open to new solutions and redecorations.

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