Myconian Avaton, Mykonos

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    Who would have thought there would still be room – figurative and literal – for another Mykonos hotel? And yet one glance at the soon-to-open Myconian Avaton, and you realise, sometimes you don’t know what you need until it appears right in front of you – concrete, stone, and all.

    ARCHITECTURE Giannis Dalezios | INTERIOR DESIGN Antonis Kalogrides and Vangelis Takos

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    The Myconian Avaton will open on the famous Greek island of Mykonos on May 11, and with it, open up yet another layer of luxury for this isle that has long been the go-to destination for fun-seeking, sun-chasing, and cocktail-craving Europeans and worldwide wanderers alike.

    Myconion Avaton ticks all the boxes of what one expects when staying at an island hotel in Greece – laid-back elegance, a touch of rustic, lots of white concrete, and that much-coveted blue water – in both pool and ocean form – in close proximity to your sun lounger. And yet this new hotel will also surprise, much like the Design Hotels group of which it is a part, with its unique personality that exudes some serious design whimsy and creativity.

    For a start, there’s the scarlet red sun loungers and umbrellas that punctuate the pool deck. It’s a colour statement we haven’t seen since we first laid our eyes on the iconic red pool at Koh Samui’s The Library,  and it has a visual impact that sets the tone for what lies in waiting inside.

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    While the outside communal areas are much more Greek-inspired in design, akin to the rustic luxury on show at Casa Cook Kos or Scorpios Mykonos, the interior is fun and playful, a marvellous mish-mash of ultra-modern, eclectic and traditional styles. Somehow, it works, and creates an ambience that is at once calming and energising – much like the island of Mykonos itself.

    The cutting-edge, contemporary rooms consist of agate wall features, bespoke furnishings and custom-carved stone elements in a simple palette of white, black and neutral brown interrupted by hot flashes of that signature red, which you’ll see cropping up all over the hotel. Adding to the creative streak Myconian Avaton seems to possess, you’ll find the occasional gold pineapple adorning a table, or a pair of white penguin sculptures joining you at one of the hotel’s unlimited viewpoints, seemingly admiring the outlook just as much as you are.

    The hotel, built into the bare rock on the south coastline cliffs, sits strategically above one of Mykonos’ longest and most beautiful sandy beaches, Elia Beach, and its expansive suites and villas have incredible views of the island’s dramatic scenery, to be relished from the comfort of sleekly furnished balconies with infinity pools and jacuzzis.

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    Then there’s the state-of-the-art spa and fine dining on offer at the hotel’s restaurant and pool bar, which has one of the island’s finest lookouts onto the Aegean. During the day, guests can laze and lounge on their scarlet sun beds, indulging in complimentary poolside treats like fresh iced tea and spa product testers.

    Come Cocktail O’clock, they can order ice-cold cocktails from the Kokkino bar while listening to the live DJ set, before witnessing the sun set behind the infinity pool, blending seamlessly into the vast blue horizon. As the beat of the night arrives, the very same pool bar will come to life with a pulse to make the Myconian Avaton an island evening hotspot.

    For those craving the healing effects of salt water, they can simply hop on the complimentary beach shuttle and head down to the beach lounge area reserved exclusively for hotel guests. With lapping waves in front, beach umbrellas above, and a bar for beverages, smoothies and light snacks to the side, here Paradise 2.0 awaits.

    And if ever the time for a change of scenery arrives, guests can also jump ship to any one of the four other Myconian Collection hotels on the island, guaranteeing a stay at the Avaton will never  be tainted by the word, ‘bored’. But somehow, we think you’ll end up right back where you started, and when that happens to be Myconian Avaton, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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