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    We Nadia Fairfax and discover her origins, inspiration for fashion and the Fairfax Journal

    Always exuding a beaming smile and charismatic energy, Nadia Fairfax could be described as the ‘it’ girl amongst Sydney’s fashion elite. She certainly has the class, eloquence and style to back up the status, however this humble former athlete is too modest for labels. Mostly donning Nike kicks and spending time with family, she is the quintessential ‘girl next door’ with a killer wardrobe.

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    After a solid stint of eight years at the Australian Institute of Sport, Nadia hung up her gymnastics leotard and soon became the PR powerhouse behind the luxury Australian fashion label Aje.

    Recently launching her own project the Fairfax Journal, fellow fashionista’s admiring from afar can gain a further glimpse into Nadia’s style, musings and personal anecdotes.

    We caught up with Nadia to chat about the past, present and future.

    How would you define the evolution of your style from the days of the gymnasium to now?

    Diamante covered leotards to sequined dresses, seems as though some things never change! I think the word “style” only became part of my vocabulary after I retired from gymnastics. Tracksuits, hair clips and scrunchies are not overly chic, I guess I was always a little different to the other girls. Always wanting my leotards to be high cut and wearing “Princess Leia” style buns instead of the low pony or a braid… I’ve always wanted to differentiate myself from everyone else and I guess that’s what defines my personal style, even now.

    How would you describe the current fashion landscape and what trends do you foresee emerging?

    Oh gosh, these questions are so hard for me. I am so exceptionally proud of Australian fashion. We are so unique and so diverse. Its like we have limitless talent. The internationals are definitely paying a lot of attention to Australian designers.

     What do you love most about the Aje aesthetic and designs?

    The side of Aje that most people don’t even know about. Adrian and Edwina are known for their embellishments and sequin techniques but their hand-loomed cottons and silks are more to my liking. They also have such a great take on leather. It’s Australian luxury at its finest.

    Where do you turn to for inspiration?

    Anything that is currently in my eyesight. I don’t go hunting for inspiration, it just, sort of, pops up in front of me eyes. I’m very lucky.

    Who do you admire/Who are your muses?

    Definitely my mother Sharon. She always said to me as a young teenager “Classic pieces are the key to style”. Sadly at that time I was a little more trend driven – if only I had listened to her sooner! I am still constantly pulling things from her wardrobe and emulating her style from the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s.

    Dream collaboration?

    I am really looking forward to working with a dear friend of mine, Sheree Commerford of blog Captain and The Gypsy Kid. Internationally, I think the dream is to work with distinguished photographers, the imagery that is being put out to the world these days is exceptional.

     What projects are you working on at the moment?

    A few little shoots here and there and continuing my work with Aje. For me, work comes seconds to life. So, I’ll also be “working” on spending time with my beau, my friends and family, wining and dining and some travel too!

    With a busy lifestyle and flourishing career what keeps you centered and grounded?

    Flourishing career?! So complimentary. I’m just trying to do my thing and share my life and ideas with the world. My parents, coming home to them is such a hoot! They have been together for over 35 years and the love still flows… I am a giant advocate of love and they are the reason why. LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

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    Fairfax DJ 2 1.

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    Fairfax In Training 5Photography: Sybil Steele

    1. Covers Vintage Blazer

    2. Alexander Wang Knit

    3. Joseph White Linen Shirt | IRO Leather Jacket | Scanlan Theodore Leather Pants

    4. Toni Maticevski Skirt & N.L.P Top

    5. Covers Vintage Blazer

    6. Simona Vintage Flares

    7. Toni Maticevski Gown


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