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  • Serendipity Paris Childrens Accessories France Est Magazine

    With Easter a few days away we felt inspired by rebirth, which got us thinking about children, which in turn got us thinking about fabulous designs for children – after all, conjuring up beautiful designs is what we love to do most.

    Here are our top three children’s stores for great furniture design this Easter – no further segue required…



    Happy coincidences are exactly what Serendipity was born to create.  With limited edition pieces for the most discerning toddler (or parent), along with contemporary furniture mixed with antiques and designer brands, Serendipity pioneered the omnipresent use of mixing vintage and modern design in little peoples spaces around the world today. We love the use of pops of neon mixed with vintage linen with tongue in check stuffed animal heads mounted above cribs. This is a pastel colour free zone.


    Serendipity Paris Childrens Accessories France Est Magazine




    Dedicated to designing for the smallest members of the family, Krethaus is one of our favourite brands to come out of Argentina. The clean simple lines and sophisticated design will have you wanting to cast the bedroom doors wide open rather than hide off from the rest of the world we promise.

    Krethaus Nido Maxxi Table Est Magazine



    OEUF – USA

    French for egg, don’t be fooled into thinking clever children’s homewares brand, Oeuf , is in anyway as fragile and breakable as its namesake. Ouef furniture is designed with the sole intent of taking the newborn babe through its infant years and beyond using the principles of quality, practicality and function.

    An Oeuf crib starts life as a cocoon for bouncing newborns, turning into a robust toddlers bed as the child inevitable grows. Oeuf high chairs are designed to support wobbly, heavy headed babies, to only then to go on seat them at the dinner table or the desk – whatever the situation allows. Furniture designed to grow, now thats family planning!


    Oeuf Classic Crib Est Magazine

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