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    Australian photographer, Nick Leary’s latest collection of works titled ‘Celebrate Australia‘ pays homage to the photographers love for his homeland. With a need to share both the beauty and the wonder of this great land of ours with the rest of the world, Leary is hoping to collaborate with other great Australian artists and companies who share the same passion in taking Australia to the world and is looking to spread the love by  exhibiting the collection abroad later in the year.

    Having earned his stripes as an international fashion and portrait photographer shooting modern day Australian icons such as Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman and Miranda Kerr, for the likes of Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler and GQ amongst others, you could say Leary certainly knows how to capture the best assets Australia has to offer!

    “Throughout my career I’ve been so fortunate to experience all walks of Australian life; the beauty and the vastness of the outback, the culture of the Aboriginal people through to the laid back surfing lifestyle of the coast, there is such amazing diversity here.” say Nick.

    Citing this collection of works as a real labour of love, Nick is driven by a passion to share his country with the world – wether it be the wild brumbies of the Australian outback and the culture of the Aboriginal people, or the sun drenched beaches and rugged coastline.

    We for one have just the spot on our walls marked out for a spot of brumbie adoration ourselves. If you find yourselves creating a space for a piece of Nicks work you can find the limited edition prints at MCM House and at Nick Leary Collections.

    Nick Leary Photographer Portrait Est Magazine

    Nick Leary Photography The Bulls Est Magazine

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    Nick Leary Photography Silver Beauty Est Magazine

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    Nick Leary Collections Celebrate Australia Est Magazine

    Nick Leary Photography Celebrate Australia Est Magazine

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