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    If you’re like us (and chances are this may be the case if your an avid est reader) you often tend to, how shall we say this in the nicest possible way, judge a book by it’s cover? It’s all about aesthetics and often things like logic and price point will rarely sway us from coveting the things we deem beautiful. If there’s a bag of crisps on the shelf that’s a few dollars extra, but is wrapped in sleek, modern packaging, that’s the brand we’re going for. The Nicolas Vahe gourmet range are just the type of pantry items we’d splurge for.

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    The creator of these beauties is French born Nicolas Vahe (that bit might be obvious). Vahe trained as a chef at Pic Valence – a 3-starred Michelin French restaurant after which he went on to train as a chocolatier under Daniel Giraud Valence – often celebrated as the best chocolatier in the country.

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    The pastry chef’s next move to Denmark probably played a role in the perfectly simple packaging. There he further honed his skills at Falsled Kro until 2007 at which point he went on to create his own brand of gourmet products.  Healthy relationships with commodity producers in France and Italy allow Nicolas to maintain a consistently high quality among his offerings. Delicious and well crafted, but also a real treat to look at. We’re usually not keen on storing things on our counters but we could make an exception for these.

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    1 bag Nicolas Vahé Pasta with Truffles

    250 g mushrooms

    120 g bacon

    2 tsp Nicolas Vahé Pure Garlic Pesto

    Nicolas Vahé Salt and Pepper

    100 g grated parmesan

    30 cl whipping cream


    4 tbsp Nicolas Vahé Truffle Oil

    Cut the bacon and mushrooms into thin strips and fry until crisp on an even heat. Add the cream and garlic pesto. Boil until the sauce starts to thicken. Add salt to taste.

    Add the pasta to boiling, salted water and cook until al dente. Leave the pasta to drain in a colander. Then pour into the warm sauce in the pan. Mix well and sprinkle with finely grated parmesan.

    Finally, season the dish with freshly ground pepper and truffle oil and garnish with parsley.

    Est Magazine Mushroom Pasta

    PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING: Katerina Dima

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    Where, in Australia (Melbourne preferably) can I buy Nicolas Vahe Pasta with Truffles? The recipe Est Magazine has sent me via email requires this product?

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