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    We’ve curated nine sofas from different design decades that explore the timeless appeal of curves. 

    Curves are ever-present in homes we explore on est from around the globe, expressing a sense of comfort, softness and playfulness. In this Nine to Know, we’re highlighting a piece of furniture that has continued to lead the sculptural furniture movement: curved sofas.

    est living place lounge 01 1

    What sets the Ross Gardam Place lounge apart from other curved sofas is its simple connecting system. Depending on the space it inhabits, the sofa can easily connect and disconnect to other modules to form a variety of configurations.

    est living christophe delcourt oze sofa 02

    The Christophe Delcourt OZE sofa is a two-in-one: a sofa and a side table. Its undulating shape is what creates the illusion of one continuous form.

    est living verpan cloverleaf sofa 03

    The iconic Verpan Cloverleaf sofa is designed to transform a space completely. The multi-part system is entirely customisable, allowing it to be formatted into various curvy compositions. 

    est living ds600 sofa 01

    The De Sede DS-600 sofa is akin to a piece of art. Popular as both a new and vintage piece, the sofa reflects the De Sede legacy of working with leather to create Swiss furniture since 1965.

    est living bb italia moon system 01

    Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, the B&B Italia Moon System sofa takes curves to a whole new level. The transition between backrest, seat and armrest is masked by its dynamic profile, making it appear as though it has been sculpted from one singular block of material.

  • Nine to Know | Curved Sofas

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