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    Discover lighting inspired by people, architecture and the natural environment.

    In an interview with est, Melbourne architect Rob Kennon expressed that “nature is the pinnacle of design”. For centuries, designers have been lifting inspiration from the world around them – the landscapes, the people, the buildings – and all the sensory experiences they entail.

    In this Nine to Know, we explore how designers pay homage to their surroundings in the form of an evocative light. From the Haracleum plant to a wild mushroom, to the moon itself, each is a reminder of the infinite beauty and inspiration that exists right at our fingertips.

    This feature originally appeared in est Magazine issue #45.

    est living frederiksberg apartment ellen dixdotter jacob holst 01

    Frederiksberg Apartment by Ellen Dixdotter and Jacob Holst | Photography by Mike Karlsson Lundgren

    est living piedra lighting onyx wall sconce01

    L’aviva Home Black & White Onyx Wall Sconce

    New York-based lighting and design company L’aviva Home drew inspiration from the stone masks of the ancient civilisation of Teotihaucán to create their Piedra collection. Sculpted from carefully chosen marble or onyx, each sconce embodies the clean lines, defined angles and streamlined silhouettes of the pre-Columbian stone masks.

    est living criteria matter made puffball table lamp 01

    Matter Made Puffball Table Lamp

    British designer Faye Toogood was influenced by the rounded caps and chunky silhouettes of wild mushrooms when creating the Puffball table lamp for Matter Made.

    est living davide groppi moon 01 750x540

    Davide Groppi Moon

    One of the more conspicuous designs, Italian brand Davide Groppi created this pendant with the dream of having the moon inside the home. Hand-made from Japanese paper, each pendant is a unique interpretation of the ubiquitous orb. 

    est living articolo slim wall sconce 05

    Articolo Slim Wall Sconce 

    The ‘Slim’ wall sconce, designed by Melbourne and New York-based lighting company Articolo, is an ode to Slim Aarons’ Palm Springs photography and the glamorous high life he so famously depicted; articulating mid-century Californian modernism through architectural form and refined simplicity.

    est living lampampa 01

    Ingo Maurer Lampampe

    German designer Ingo Maurer is renowned for using Japanese paper to create his lighting designs. The Lampampe’s crinkled form pays homage to the fragility of the ancient, natural material. 

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