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    Clear the air and set the interior mood with nine of our favourite home fragrances.

    When it comes to interiors, the importance of home fragrances and their ability to transform our spaces are often overlooked. Diffusers and room sprays can create a luxurious sensory experience while burning essential oils can provide wellness benefits. 

    We leaned on Lusso Collective founder and managing director Sylvie Murray, the official Australian distributor of Italian-made Laboratorio Olfattivo scents, to affirm the importance of selecting certain scents for our home and work environments.

    Aside from furniture and soft furnishings, home fragrances allow you to personalise your home. “A home fragrance has the power to remind you of a holiday or bring back a special memory,” Sylvie says. As we haven’t been able to spend on travel, restaurants or any of the usual leisure activities in the past few months, Sylvie says they’ve seen an increased demand. “Home fragrances have now become that bit of luxury that makes us all feel a little spoilt,” she adds.

    We’ve curated nine examples of home fragrance – from a candle, diffuser to Apparatus Studio’s Censer incense burner – all designed to bring an indulgent air of sophistication into your abode.

    est living dinesen d 22 drops

    A few drops of the Dinesen Oil Blend onto the DD-2 Object will have your space smelling the freshly cut Douglas tree from their signature Douglas Fir boards.

    est living aesop brass oil burner

    The Aesop Brass Oil Burner designed by Henry Wilson is a unique burner alternative, constructed from solid brass. Its refined form lets it also serve as a statement accessory in the living room.

    est living vitruvi black stone diffuser 01 750x540

    The ceramic Vitruvi Black Stone Diffuser gives your home a spa-like ambience while blending seamlessly with existing decor thanks to its streamlined shape.

    est living mad et len nightsouk candle 01

    Made in the south of France, the Nightsouk Candle by Mad et Len is hand-signed in the Mad et Len atelier with its date of production and weight. The candle is perfumed with the brand’s ‘Nightsouk’ scent of vanilla, incense and patchouli.

    est living arancio in fiore diffuser laboratorio olfattivo 01

    Arancio in Fiore Diffuser by Laboratorio Olfattivo is a refreshing reed diffuser with topline notes of zesty tangerine, bergamot, and orange blossoms, reminiscent of walking through an Italian orchard.

  • Nine to Know | Home Fragrances

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