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  • Objects Of Use 30 Est Magazine

    Serious players in the field of sourcing on an international scale, husband and wife duo Alex and Hazel Dexter from Objects of Use, have hand picked a fine selection of household tools and practical pieces for their discerningly house proud patrons. Intent on unearthing the best international archetypes to improve the experience of those everyday tasks that just can’t be ignored in the quest to maintain a tidy, well kept home, the Dexter’s have done all the hard work for us in sourcing the most beautiful pieces to get the job done.

    Environmentally conscious, the Dexter’s promote an idea that seemingly has fallen by the wayside. Committed to the cause that fights against the current trend of ‘throwawayism’, Objects of Use only sells pieces that are built to last, and even better, improve with age. With a resolve to source products made as locally as possible,  most of the objects are made in the UK or within Europe.

    With an eye for detail, an appreciation for good design and a belief in the powers of a tidy h0me for a positive psyche, Objects of Use are the go to choice for keeping your home affairs of the cleaning kind in order!

    Here we’ve picked out a few of our favourite pieces and some location shots of their positively bustling store in Oxford.

    Objects Of Use 30 Est Magazine


    Objects of Use Spruce Resin Ointment and Dustpan Est Magazine

    Objects Of Use Penguin Donkey Est Magazine

    Objects Of Use 28 Est Magazine

    Objects Of Use 32 Est Magazine

    Objects Of Use 29 Est Magazine

    Objects Of Use 25 Est Magazine

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