The Est Edit

  • Bathroom Blueprint | 10 Indulgent Bathrooms

    Bathroom Blueprint brings together 10 bathrooms from around the globe where design enacts ritual and respite.

  • Design Covet | Resort-Style Outdoor Pools

    In this Design Covet, we explore seven outdoor pools from homes around the world that capture the atmosphere of a resort.

  • Invite Nature Inside with Timber Flooring Tones

    From forest to the floor, est explores how to carry nature into the home through the tones and timber grades of engineered flooring.

  • Design Covet | Kitchens Shaped by Craft

    We step inside 12 kitchens from around the globe where design is shaped by craft, as featured in est magazine issue #44.

  • Design Covet | 42 A-List Bathrooms

    We revisit 42 bathrooms classic and current, reflecting original and enduring design – as featured in In est Magazine issue #42.

  • Kitchen Covet | Oak Kitchens

    Seven oak-clad kitchens from around the globe affirm that craftsmanship and natural materials will forever go hand-in-hand.

  • Kitchen Covet | Patinated Metal in the Kitchen

    In this kitchen covet, we enter seven kitchens from around the world that share a reverence for patinated metal.

  • Design Covet | Dressing Spaces

    In this design covet, we enter an edit of dressing spaces that elevate the functionality and experience of a walk-in robe.

  • Kitchen Covet | American Farmhouse-Style Kitchens

    Six designers lean into American farmhouse style in the kitchen, proving functionality and beauty go hand-in-hand.

  • Kitchen Covet | Under-Counter Ovens

    A culmination of functionality and aesthetics, we explore the enduring appeal of under-counter ovens in kitchens from across the globe.

  • Kitchen Covet | Stainless Steel in the Kitchen

    From Sydney to Seattle, we’re exploring the application of stainless steel in the kitchen through eight standout examples.

  • Design Covet | Living Rooms with Traditional Fireplaces

    See how a traditional fireplace initiates warmth and intimacy in this edit of living rooms – from Melbourne to Paris to New York City.

  • Kitchen Covet | Clever Compact Kitchens

    Take a peek inside seven compact kitchens from around the globe, defined by their clever use of space, storage and materials.

  • Design Covet | Indoor Pools

    In this design covet, we take a deep dive into six of the most inspiring residential indoor pools from across the globe.

  • Kitchen Covet | Parquetry Timber Flooring

    Stepping inside six Australian kitchens, we see how European oak parquetry can be used to express a range of different design intents. 

  • Design Covet | Statement Bathroom Tapware

    We step inside four unique bathroom spaces with statement tapware, both subtle and bold, designed to steal the limelight.

  • Kitchen Covet | Curves in the Kitchen

    We explore curves in the kitchen through seven different projects from around the globe that play with fluid shapes and soft edges.

  • Design Covet | Dark and Moody Bedrooms

    As we prepare for the cooler months ahead, we’re revisiting seven moody bedrooms defined by their rich navy, charcoal and grey hues.