The Est Edit

  • The Library Look

    With the busy end of year getting closer, we’ve craving a relaxed library retreat, with comfortable corners and timeless style.

  • Summer Calling

    Our pick of the best-in-class beach accessories to make for a quintessentially stylish summer.

  • Signature Kitchen Style

    Featuring solid oak timber cabinetry and pale concrete bench tops, the Signature kitchen is guaranteed to play the perfect backdrop.

  • September Wish List

    Featuring on this month’s wish list is a stylish handbag solution, body oil to quench our sun damaged skin – and the perfect solution for pesky wet towels.

  • Bedroom Covet

    Take inspiration for your new bedroom look with this Lyon Apartment designed by french studio Maison Hand.

  • Designer Dog Beds

    As the brand behind the supremely chic range of designer ‘companion furniture’, Arvin Grex takes a minimalist approach with an emphasis on thoughtful function in the design of the Angus pet bed.

  • Iconic Finnish Design

    Espousing the virtues of both aesthetics and functionality, here are 7 Iittala essentials that every home should own.

  • Easy Rider

    Electric bikes mean keeping up with the kids is a cinch and you can always find a park in the city.

  • Style on Tap

    The highly coveted Zip Hydro Tap has long been a favourite of ours when it comes to the list of kitchen essentials for a newly built or redesigned kitchen.

  • Wickedly Wickered

    A round up a few of the best contemporary wicker creations we’ve seen on the showroom floors.

  • Gift of Friendship

    When it comes to receiving how many times have you heard your friends say, “there is nothing that I really need”?

  • Top 10 Sneakers

    When you look at cost per wear, sneakers are hands down the best valued fashion item you’ll ever purchase.

  • Bedroom Lighting

    The humble wall sconce has come a long way and this week, we are loving these modern choices to be used in place of a traditional bedside table lamp.

  • Kitchen Covet

    This weeks Kitchen Covet takes its design cues from Melbourne based studio Hecker Guthrie. Here’s how to get the look.

  • La Vie En Rose

    Pink is the universal colour of love and using pink for interiors helps to uplift a home.

  • The Winter Grey Edit

    Our colour palette is led by winter grey right now as the brutal winds and looming grey skies take hold in the south.

  • Mothers Day Gift Guide

    Whether you’re organised, or notorious for being anything but, consider this mothers day gift guide as a reference for what… continue reading.

  • For Your Niece

    She’s a bit of a classic, your niece. A lover of Fred Astaire and early Madonna, she twists and turns through the decades in whichever way it suits her.