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    Multi-disciplinary design studio Obumex were granted complete freedom to design an oceanfront home in Spain’s Balearic Islands. In response, they crafted an interior that mirrors its tranquil coastal surroundings.

    When Obumex were approached by a family looking to set up roots in the Balearic Islands, the only box they had to tick was the number of bedrooms; beyond that, they enjoyed full creative liberty. Their design response materialises as a harmonious blend of warm, neutral materials, namely, white oak veneer and light travertine. Obumex CEO and head of design Thomas Ostyn, whose home you may recall from est magazine issue 45, explains that the intent behind this palette was to create an atmosphere that reflects the home’s serene setting.

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    Cassina 053 Capitol Complex Chair

    The sitting room features furniture in the same language as the coastal vista it overlooks, including Cassina 053 Capitol complex chairs upholstered in deep-green fabric.

    It should come as no surprise that the kitchen is the heart of this clifftop residence, with kitchen design forming a core part of Obumex’s practice. By skillfully combining the elements of sand-blasted ‘travertino alabastrino’, light-toned wood flooring and accents of bronze, the design team have achieved a balance between ‘simple’ and ‘striking’. The kitchen leads down to a lower-level sitting room with a spectacular view of the cliffs and ocean. Here, elements like a sculptural sofa and coffee table play on the organic, sinuous forms of the coastline. The bedrooms and bathrooms were dressed in a similar palette for consistency, with the primary ensuite featuring a custom travertine-clad bathtub.

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    Viabizzuno Roy Wall Light
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    BassamFellows Brutus Chair

    The primary bedroom features the Viabizzuno Roy wall light, as well as the BassamFellows Brutus chair.

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    The primary ensuite features a custom travertine-clad bathtub.

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