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    Designing a holiday home in St Barths, Los-Angeles-based interior designer Vanessa Alexander drew inspiration from the island’s unparalleled feeling of seclusion and tranquillity. 

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    The home could not be more ideally situated, nestled within rugged, palm-tree-covered cliffs, overlooking stretches of white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean. “It’s extremely peaceful, even though you are in the centre of the island’s activity,” Vanessa says. “You feel a sense of escape the moment you arrive.”  The vision for the home was to connect it to its surroundings through a coastal-inspired palette, framed views of the landscape and large outdoor entertaining spaces. Vanessa worked closely with architecture firm Design Affairs and the client Kathrin Bruss to achieve this result.

    “We wanted the home to feel elegant and elevated, yet, unlike other homes on the island,” Vanessa explains. Deviating from the conventional whites and neutrals found in beachside homes, Vanessa opted for a deeper, more “moody” palette of coastal hues, as typified by the dark charcoal plaster floors, warm taupe walls and rich green, blue and black stones. “These materials still feel earthy and connected to the land, but elegant in a way that most island homes aren’t.”

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    B&B Italia Camaleonda Sofa

    In the living space, accents of aged gold accentuate the B&B Italia Camaleonda sofa upholstered in green leather.

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    The kitchen features colours and textures reminiscent of the home’s coastal surroundings, including deep blue marble and charcoal-coloured timber veneer.

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    Cassina Soriana Armchair
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    Imi Knoebel

    The Salvatori Colonnata bookcase and Cassina Soriana armchair, alongside an artwork by Imi Knoebel and photograph by Antoine Verglas. 

    Vanessa also designed a large entertaining deck and pool area to take advantage of the spectacular views. “The area just seems to flow seamlessly into the landscape,” she remarks. “With each of our projects, especially in this one, we aim to facilitate a lifestyle centred around nature. St Barths was the main inspiration for this project, reflected in the palette, furnishings and overall sense of ease.” 

    This project is a testament to Vanessa’s ability to weave a home’s surroundings into its design, resulting in a symphony of nature and refined living.

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