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  • Rob Mills One Hot Yoga 01 Est Magazine

    With pressure almost at boiling point dealing with traffic, deadlines, long work hours, off shore telecommunication call centres and deadlines (did we mention that already?) Rob Mills latest design project, One Hot Yoga, is the calm we seek from the ever present storm.

    With fresh air circulated through the inner city studio every 60 minutes, this 1950’s industrial building has received a new lease on life thanks to the creative talents of Mr Mills. Drawing inspiration from the One Hot Yoga method of a slow hot flow that balances freedom within structure, Mills concrete warehouse structure houses the first core body temperature Slow Hot Flow studio in the world. The mix of fresh air and natural heat set to 37 degrees, combined with the serene surrounds of a muted palette of concrete, linen and timber ensure a truly calm and serene inner city sanctuary.

    Rob Mills One Hot Yoga 04 Est Magazine

    We especially love the One Hot Yoga 8Tracks Music Mixes to really get us in the mood for all things serene, featuring music by artists Clair de lune and Bon Iver amongst others. With a 30 day Yoga Challenge starting on the 1st of April – we are ready to sign up if it means spending time in a zen space like this – not to mention the good it will do for our stressed, neglected bodies.

    Rob Mills One Hot Yoga 01 Est Magazine

    Rob Mills One Hot Yoga 03 Est Magazine

    Rob Mills One Hot Yoga 06 Est Magazine

    Rob Mills work focuses on achieving that eternal quest of truly balanced living. With his own personal projects, One Hot Yoga, Ocean House and his successful Melbourne based architecture firm we think he might have just hit the trifecta.


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