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    These days, when you think of design and the Swedes, you might think of Ikea. But the Scandinavians are known the world over for their imitable design focus and ingenuity. Arguably the leading voice in minimalist chic, they never cease to imbue a clear sense of design in all their spaces, from homes to hospitality spots. A case in point is this classic Swedish apartment, Chalmersgatan 16 in Gothenburg, Sweden – an Open House that really has us wanting to strip back our spaces and clear out the clutter.

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    The home is bathed in warm light, a classic signature of Scandinavian spaces. Seemingly endless white walls frame the space, with lightwood flooring and sophisticated architraves surrounding them. Contemporary light fittings sit next to original celling roses. The space feels like the perfect juxtaposition of old-fashioned charm and modern day aesthetic, with floating cabinetry and built-in shelving throughout that can double as seating during a party or even an avant-garde bookshelf. Repurposed brick peers out providing a contrast to the bright and polished feel of the white walls in the bedroom. The kitchen has a great communal feel to it, with a large black island taking centre place and adding a monochromatic focal point to the room. It’s not all indoor living either, with a quaint balcony looking out to the surrounding buildings and local streets. Just the space to relax and sink into the city after a long day.

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    Pops of colour and character are layered throughout in the furnishings and fixtures. Greenery and plant life add a certain je ne sais quoi to the space, while timber furniture adds to the flow of the space and its open, bright quality. The living area incorporates greys and blues through the lounge and a smaller selection of oranges and reds in an elegantly contrasting rug. Contemporary art is dispersed through the rooms, adding colour and contributing to the atmosphere of modern luxury. A spot of ingenuity in the bedroom with the wardrobe covered by a strategically placed curtain, ensuring the feeling of tranquillity is never taken away from the space. The home comes with its own character but with the right furnishings can be presented in a number of ways. Its minimalist base is great to build up on to truly make the space your own.

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    The Swedes are just as known for their culture as their design. Gothenburg has been predominantly a shipping town but has recently started to become a little more cosmopolitan, competing with Stockholm. Many of the original industrial buildings have evolved into galleries and trendy bars, and you can find six Michelin-starred restaurants scattered throughout the city. One of those restaurants, Sjömagasinet has a focus on local seafood in particular, keeping the local shipping and fishing history alive. Gothenburg likes to put a spotlight on creativity and artistic design, and one of the best places to immerse yourself in that spirit is at the Gothenburg Museum of Art. The museum boasts masterpieces by artists such as Edvard Munch, Monet and Rembrandt among many others. If you’re looking for unique furnishings your best bet is Artilleriet. With sophisticated options in lighting, furniture and accessories, you’ll find an endless array of classic Swedish design options here.

    A perfect representation of Sweden’s sophisticated side, this home displays both style and substance. Displaying instant warmth and charm, with very little effort – the very definition of Gothenburg’s design.

    To enquire about this property, view the listing on Alvhem here.

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