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    As an expression of lifestyle, Orrong Road is the familiar downsizing from an existing established family home into a smaller and more compact contemporary iteration, with its own unique twist. Still retaining the essence and spirit of the family’s original grand home and its aesthetic nuances, B.E. Architecture worked closely with their engaged client to reimagine the home as a place of convenience, reduced footprint and one immersed in the close proximity of its surroundings.

    Neatly situated in the inner-urban setting of Melbourne’s Toorak, the resulting home sees the reworking of an existing 1960’s apartment into a uniquely warm and layered family residence. Taking cues from their former home, layered textures and colours add depth and interest through unexpected applications and moments throughout. Maintaining a connection to the warmth and elevated detail of a much grander space, details are used to express the owner’s personalities.

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    Sculptural and iconic furniture endow the entertaining spaces with added character.

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    Custom upholstered Edra Chiara armchairs, donned in textural fur, invite a welcomed audience. The client’s existing Edra Essentials sofa organically snakes through the generous entertaining spaces, adding a sculptural element to the space.

    The client’s wish to reduce their carbon footprint came through the selling of their original home and relocating to a more centrally located abode where amenity could be accessed on foot. Spread over a mere 120sqm, the previously three-bedroom space was converted into a bespoke one-bedroom apartment, designed and adapted to accommodate its owners and their individualised brief.

    Allowing for enough space for their baby grand piano and their three-meter long Edra Essential sofa, Ensuring the living and entertaining spaces were generous was key, and as a result, reflect the priority of its owners of their home as a place to gather those near and dear to them.

    The careful reworking of the floor plan allows for the increased perception of space to be created within the slightness of the apartment boundaries while still affording familiar comforts. Originally built some eighty years prior, the challenge in creating a home that echoed a sense of grandeur and opulence lay in the application of finishes and the insertion of crafted elements. Skirtings of brass offer warm reflections and embody a heightened quality, while terrazzo and handmade silk carpets add texture underfoot, weaving in elements of the handmade. Custom joinery and the relocation of the kitchen into its own space creates a natural hierarchy, while specially designed and made granite sinks and tiles offer a unique tactile experience.

    Orrong Road brings together an eclectic vision of a multi-layered and unexpected palette to create an enduring home for its clients. In relocating and downsizing, the compromise of high quality and richly considered spaces was never considered, and instead, with B.E. Architecture, Orrong Road rejects a trend-led approach and taps into the diverse backgrounds of its owners.

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    Handmade silk vibrantly coloured carpets inject a lively spirit into the rooms, while offering a sumptuous offering underfoot.

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