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    As the year winds up, holidays are on our minds. Looking past the Christmas crazy, the holidays are in sight and spending it with our families is the best part of all. And as you look towards some well-deserved time off, as does the man in your life. These gifts embrace switching off and enjoying the simple things.

    est living gift guide overworked dad 2 e1480389868283

    Hutton Getty Board Shorts

    These Orlebar Brown board shorts immediately put you in the spirit of summer with the Bondi swimmers captured by photographer Edwina Pickles. Beyond the colourful style, the shorts also come with a five year guarantee for any repairs or replacements – so hit the surf as hard as you like.

    $495 AUD

    Beoplay A1 Speaker

    And while you’re at the beach, bring your favourite soundtrack along too. This stylish bluetooth speaker from Bang & Olufsen has 24 hours battery life and true 360 sound, perfect for outdoor occasions of any sort.

    $379 AUD

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    Wayfarer Cologne

    A winning gift for you and your significant other – this cologne from Solid State smells divine with notes of tobacco, rich cacao and creamy tonka bean. In a handy size, it’s easy to take on the go for an instant aroma.

    $39.95 AUD

    The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide

    Life wisdom for when you need to get away from the computer screen. This quick read is perfect for the ‘do it yourself’ type, with plenty of quick things to get stuck into over holiday downtime.

    $16.52 AUD

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    Vanishing Elephant Socks

    It’s a fact: dads always love socks. These ones are stylish, super comfortable and come from a trusted Australian designer. Grab a couple of these as stocking fillers and you’re all set.

    $20 AUD

    Catalyst Gold Superfood Supplement

    A perfect antidote to the holiday indulgence and to kick start healthy nutrition into the new year. This specially-formatted superfood supplement from Herbalore NYC helps fight cravings and keep you nourished, inside and out.

    $90 AUD

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    City Compact Laptop Backpack

    Take care of your back and your work belongings with this well-appointed, classic backpack from Incase.  A heavy duty exterior and plush interior ensure however you get to the office you’ll be able to carry all your tech with ease.

    $112.95 AUD

    Bocce Set

    Perhaps the quintessential summer activity, a bocce set from Fredericks & Mae is just the thing for long lazy afternoons or a quick pre-dinner game with friends. This aesthetically pleasing set includes 8 hand-painted wooden balls and jack, as well as a booklet and carrying bag.

    $320 AUD

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