Paris au mois d’août

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    French photographer Maia Flore has captured the elegance and the delicacy of the Paris au mois d’août lighting range in the brands latest series of inspirational product imagery.

    French for ‘Paris during the month of August’, the design concept behind this lighting range draws from the heritage of old Japanese handcrafts and traditions.  The carefully hand made shapes employ traditional Japanese hand weaving skills to create the delicate, paper thin cotton that covers the entire ball like form.

    Taking inspiration from the traditional patterns seen in Spanish and Portuguese Azulejos (painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework), the varied fabric designs reflect a myriad of beautiful locations around the world from the deep cobalt blues of the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, a wide net can be drawn across the international landscape influences here. 

    Available in Australia at Hub Furniture, these uniquely individual designs come in a range of different sizes and irregular sizes. Perfect imperfection.


    Est-Magazine-maia-flore-Paris-au-mois -d'août4

    Est-Magazine-maia-flore-Paris-au-mois -d'août5

    Est-Magazine-Est-Magazine-maia-flore-Paris-au-mois -d'août2

    Est-Magazine-Est-Magazine-maia-flore-Paris-au-mois -d'août1

    Est-Magazine-maia-flore-Paris-au-mois -d'août

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