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    Unfolding across eras, this victorian terrace faithfully carries the narrative of its origins while seamlessly integrating elegant modernity.

    Sitting on the cusp of the city in a locale that dovetail sits past and present, Parkville Residence by Melbourne-based studio Hecker Guthrie has coaxed a home into contemporary relevance while retaining the details and design gestures that faithfully carry its Victorian era narrative.

    This feature originally appeared in est Magazine Issue 48: ‘Kitchen Confidential’.

    Home to a young family of four, Parkville Residence has been thoughtfully resurrected through a process that unfolds from entry to reveal a chronological methodology across three volumes. “The design intent for this home was to create a series of spaces that were a subtle extension of one another,” Hecker Guthrie interior designer Caroline Hedley explains. “It becomes more contemporary as you shift from room to room while retaining the cosy, lived-insensibility of British homes – complementing the heritage of our clients.”

    The first volume is the existing Victorian home which holds the family’s bedrooms and bathrooms. “It exudes an innate sense of historical charm,” Caroline says. “While its proportions are grand, the rich use of colour and texture creates a sense of intimacy within the spatial generosity.

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    The second volume comprises the new extension, which sits within an existing footprint. Holding the kitchen and living spaces, this zone is the social hub of the home, while reflecting a tangible shift in the visual expression of the surrounding architecture. As if by osmosis, the red brick exterior and green interior hues cultivate distinctive atmospheres according to application and curation. “A bolder expression of colour through joinery and furniture sits comfortably alongside the use of deep colour in the Victorian home,” Caroline says. She adds that this creates “intimacy in contrast to the airiness of the interior architectural elements of the newer extension.

    Parkville Residence’s third volume comprises a garage studio at the rear of the property which provides a break-out space for growing children and guest accommodation. Accessed via both the garden and a cobblestone rear laneway, this volume is embraced by the built environment by virtue of the garden, which sweeps through and around the residence with a central Jacaranda tree as its north star. With a romanticism that evokes a strong English sensibility, the gardens“transition into the architecture in a cohesive way, which translates indoors through palette and texture.”

    Through a holistic approach to architecture, interior design and landscape design, Hecker Guthrie have found an alliance between eras and styles – from the bold colours of the new joinery and furniture to the sonorous hues in the original area of the home. At the same time, they have upheld the nuances of daily life while modulating them precisely for those who live there.

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