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    Co-founders Tom Davidson and Jacob Burke have brought their love of clean eating to Melbourne with their new venture, PATCH Café.

    Having first met at the gym (as foodies generally do?) Tom became Jacob’s personal trainer during Jacob’s personal bid to lose a few pounds. Initially introducing his new client to the Palaeolithic way of eating through practicing what he preached, Tom quickly converted Jacob to a clean eating program for life. Soon, after many discussions over the treadmill, a plan was hatched between the two to open their own cafe with a paleo friendly menu to share with the world.

    PATCH cafe came to life in a warehouse space located in the old channel nine studio’s in the inner city suburb of Richmond, and together with Studio You Me, an intimate and inviting space was created for diners. Unpretentious and elegantly simple in its design the space complements the paleo inspired menu, developed by executive chef Brett Tait, with both the food and design aesthetic complimenting each other perfectly.

    While PATCH is about offering clean-eating options to the Melbourne locals, the team behind PATCH are mostly concerned about making the paleo style of living more accessible to the wider community in order for everyone to enjoy optimum vitality. Having seen the space first hand – though sadly yet to try the menu – we are making it our mission to get there this weekend to kick off the school holidays on the right foot for ultimate optimum vitality…god knows we will be needing it!

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