Piccolina Hawthorn Returns in a New Space

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    Outgrowing its Hawthorn location of six years, Piccolina Gelateria has just opened the doors to a unique new gem down the road. We celebrate the newest member of the Piccolina Gelateria family, designed by Hecker Guthrie.

    Piccolina has become a mainstay in the Melbourne dessert scene since entrepreneur Sandra Foti opened the first authentic Italian gelato store in 2016. In collaboration with design firm Hecker Guthrie and creative agency Projects of Imagination, Piccolina’s new Hawthorn location is bursting with light and colour while still offering the gelato we know and love, paying homage to Sandra’s Italian heritage.

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    Hecker Guthrie co-founders Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie are the trusted designers behind the seven Piccolina stores, including two in Melbourne’s CBD, as well as Richmond, St Kilda, Collingwood and Hawthorn. ‘Piccolina 2.0’ is located on Hawthorn’s Glenferrie road, just like the original store, in a green-painted corner building with a large arched window. Maintaining the store’s consistent industrial aesthetic, we’re met with white painted brick and pine floorboards inside. An ornamental fireplace alongside custom tables and seating designed by Hecker Guthrie creates a sense of intimacy in the gelateria. A handmade feature pendant from Thomas Maxam design studio is suspended from the store’s high ceiling.

    Along with Piccolina’s 100 per cent natural gelato, the new Hawthorn store is home to Piccolina’s largest cake fridge, alongside the crowd-favourite ‘Better Than Nutella’ tap. At the store opening in mid-March, guests were able to try the classic gelato, alongside some intriguing flavours from their Piccolina Gelato Project. Eight chefs in eight weeks have been asked to showcase their culinary skills with bespoke flavours, such as cantaloupe, coconut and carrot sorbet topped with green ants and lime zest.

    The new Hawthorn flagship for Piccolina recognises its unique Italian heritage – and the heritage of the building Piccolina resides within.

    “It’s time for a fresh, new destination for our much-loved local community. So when this iconic corner building became available late last year, the timing was perfect and it felt like it was just meant to be.”


    – Sandra Foti

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