Kitchenware & Dining Accessories

  • Marble Tray

    Keep organised and clutter free with this quintessential marble tray for the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom. A simple marble tray… continue reading.

  • Lime Line Tumbler

    The Lime Line Tumbler collection from Spence and Lyda features clean and harmonious lines and a beautifully delicate drinking experience.

  • Brass Salad Servers

    We know that salads always taste better when made by someone else – but we think these brass servers add just… continue reading.

  • Kali Stoneware Plates

    The Kali stoneware plates are beautifully crafted and glazed by expertly skilled artisans with each piece boasting its own subtly unique character.

  • Kali Stoneware Bowls

    The Kali stoneware bowls boast their own unique individual character thanks to the perfectly imperfect touch of the creative artisans… continue reading.

  • Kali Stoneware Cup

    The Kali stoneware cups are perfect for those yearning for a supremely elegant, yet highly functional collection of ceramics.

  • Kali Stoneware Mug