Dining Chairs

  • Molloy Chair

    Elegantly sculptural, the Molloy Chair part of the ‘Molloy’ range of dining tables, chairs and coffee tables feature fluid detailing… continue reading.

  • SIA chair

    Named after its unique adjustable backrest, SIA chair is a lightweight timber chair that is slender in design yet uncompromising… continue reading.

  • Swan Chair

    Characteristic of the Swan are emphasised in Arne Jacobsen’s Swan Chair with the shell containing no straight lines but only curves…. continue reading.

  • Series 7 Chair

    The Series 7 Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen is a timeless piece made from a moulded wooden veneer. The four-legged… continue reading.

  • Pavilion AV2 Chair

    The Pavilion AV2 Chair by Andersen & Voll was designed as a stackable chair used for mass seating in the iconic,… continue reading.

  • Do Not Sit Chair

    The Do Not Sit Chair features fluid legs that are easily deciphered as a ‘Z’ on the side. It stems from… continue reading.

  • Aspen Dining Chair

    An elegant and refined dining experience, the King Living Aspen Dining Chair is crafted from high quality solid and sustainably… continue reading.

  • Quay Indoor Armless Dining Chair

    Built around a sturdy steel frame, the Quay Indoor Armless Dining Chair will provide a comfortable place to enjoy the longest… continue reading.

  • Africa Chair

    The Africa Chair is part of the Africa collection, the essence of this collection is reflected in its simple and… continue reading.

  • Brooklyn Chair

    The Brooklyn Chair is part of the Brooklyn collection – a recognised style which is modern and timeless from today and… continue reading.

  • Ipanema Chair

    The Ipanema Chair, part of the Ipanema collection, is enlarged by a system of chairs in evolution. Style that combines… continue reading.

  • Harbour Chair

    Designed specifically for Menu Space, the Harbour Chair is ideal for anything from restaurants, conferences, offices, or in the comfort of one’s… continue reading.

  • 280 Zig Zag Chair

    The 280 Zig Zag Chair is a chair with four panels that bend in sequence from top to bottom in… continue reading.

  • CH22 Lounge Chair

    The CH22 lounge chair has been produced in exact accordance with Wegner’s original sketches, and unites simplicity with absolute comfort…. continue reading.

  • Smart Chair Woven

    The Smart Chair Woven designed by Estudio Andreu for Andreu World, arises from a passion for wood, combining craftsmanship techniques… continue reading.

  • Smart Chair

    The Smart Chair designed by Estudio Andreu for Andreu World, arises from a passion for wood, combining craftsmanship techniques with… continue reading.

  • Lottus Wood Chair

    The Lottus Wood collection is characterised by birch plywood making it both a contemporary and timeless design. The timber used… continue reading.

  • Lavitta Chair

    The first member of the Lavitta collection is the small Lavitta Chair that draws upon the influences of traditional Finnish… continue reading.

  • J39 Chair

    The J39 Chair was first designed in 1947 and nicknamed ‘The People’s Chair’ for its incredible versatility and appeal for… continue reading.

  • CH20 Elbow Chair

    With its lower back support and horizontal seat, the CH20 Elbow chair is a compact dining chair suitable for working at a table or desk.

  • Cassina 412 Cab Chair

    The Cassina Cab 412 was conceived by the architect Mario Bellini in 1977, as an extension and prosthesis for the body. Available in saddle leather.

  • La Pipe Dining Chair

    The La Pipe Dining Chair is the result of passion for refined forms and strong silhouettes combined with knowledge about… continue reading.

  • Moller #77 Chair

    The Moller #77 Chair is exclusive to Great Dane. In 1944, Niels Otto Moller began his cabinetry company where old… continue reading.

  • CH24 Wishbone

    The CH24 Wishbone chair’s steam-bent, gently rounded top-piece provides freedom of movement and generous comfort. The seat is hand-woven in paper… continue reading.

  • Cover Chair

    The Cover chair is a modern reinterpretation of the classic wooden armchair. In a clever design choice, thin form pressed… continue reading.

  • About a Chair

    The curvy proportions of the About a Chair work just as well when combined with an angular, contemporary dining table as… continue reading.

  • Panton Chair

    Verner Panton was one of the most influential designers of the 1960s and ’70s. One of his ambitions was to… continue reading.

  • Shaker Dining Chair

    Shaker is a dining chair, inspired by the simple, honest and utilitarian approach of the movement after which it is… continue reading.

  • Thomas Chair

    Featuring a bent plywood shell integrated into a solid ash frame, the Thomas Chair is inviting and friendly. Its strong form… continue reading.

  • Roly Poly Dining Chair

    The Roly Poly Dining Chair is the anchor piece of Faye Toogood’s Assemblage No. 4 collection. This scoop seated chair… continue reading.

  • 3D Wood Base Chair

    The 3D Wood Base Chair is one of Gubi’s most innovative products and was designed by Boris Berlin and Poul… continue reading.

  • Quay Indoor Dining Chair

    The Quay Indoor Dining Chair is built around a sturdy steel frame, and provides a comfortable place to enjoy the… continue reading.