Coffee Tables

  • Mars Marble Table

    The Mars Marble Table is the perfect addition to any living room. Featuring a large square shade with a variety of… continue reading.

  • Paris Coffee Table

    The Paris Coffee Table, as part of DOMO’s Furniture Collection, combines innovative design and an impeccable finish. With matt black… continue reading.

  • Loto Coffee Table

    The round shape of the Loto Coffee Table is lightened by the curved solid oak edge in the finishes brushed… continue reading.

  • 529 Rio Coffee Table

    The 529 Rio Coffee Table is a round side table constructed from six wedge sections of varying radiuses, set out… continue reading.

  • Quaderna Table

    The Quaderna Table, design by Superstudio for Zanotta has a honeycomb core structure coated with white plastic laminate and is… continue reading.

  • Oxydation Table

    The Oxydation Table draws inspiration from contemporary architecture, sculpture and research into the materials used, in particular, the natural properties of oxidization…. continue reading.

  • Memphis Table

    Crisp lines and a pronounced form give Memphis a striking profile. Made to order by the Jardan Design Lab.

  • TEO Low Table

    The TEO Low Table is precise, perfectly mastered and drawn as close as possible to its materials.

  • Venus Marble Table

    The Venus Marble Table is a simple, unassuming design that can become extraordinary by adding additional tables. Highly functional and useful… continue reading.

  • Bell Coffee Table

    The Bell Coffee Table by Sebastian Herkner turns our perceptual habits on their head, using the lightweight, fragile material of… continue reading.

  • Basel Table

    The raw beauty of wood and visible grains meets the architectural beauty of sharp lines and dark metal in the… continue reading.

  • Pedrera Coffee Table

    The Pedrera Coffee table was inspired by Antonio Gaudi’s famous building La Pedrera in Barcelona. In 1955 La Pedrera’s loft… continue reading.

  • Oscar Coffee Table

    The Oscar coffee table is a classical concept in a modern piece of furniture. Designed by Altone and made in Australia… continue reading.

  • Palette Table

    Increase your opportunity for interesting exchanges and experiences with the Palette table, where various shapes, sizes, colours and materials converge together…. continue reading.

  • Fat-Fat and Lady-Fat Ottoman

    Designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia, The Fat-Fat and Lady-Fat Ottoman provides colour and convenience in tables and storage… continue reading.

  • Fiorile Table

    A triangle, a square, a rectangle, the smoothed corners, the soft, understated, almost organic lines of the Fiorile Table differ… continue reading.

  • Mera Table

    Versatile and compatible with different models, the Mera Table is available in four different sizes and heights. The top in white… continue reading.

  • Layer Side Table

    The Layer Side Table is perfectly suited to sofas, you can put it on the side of any sofa to transform… continue reading.

  • Alanda Coffee Table

    The Alanda Coffee Table is one of the most typical design objects of a period with a wealth of strong,… continue reading.

  • Bigger Coffee Table

    Designed by Carlo Colombo, the Bigger Coffee Table is from a rich collection full of distinctive features, like the curved lines and the rounded corners.

  • Monkey Side Table

    The Monkey side table is a useful sculpture and forms part of the Gardenias collection for BD Barcelona. The table… continue reading.

  • Lyla Marble Coffee Table

    The Lyla Marble Coffee Table offers a cool design of marble and steel.  Topped with a curved honed Calacatta Skurro… continue reading.

  • Maru Coffee Table

    The key feature of the Maru Coffee Table is the thick top combined with the structure composed by three die cast… continue reading.

  • Kett Otway Coffee Table

    The Kett Otway Coffee Table is defined by its soft timber profile and elegant proportions. The Otway collection encompasses refined… continue reading.

  • Etoile Coffee Table

    The Etoile tables feature a distinctive three-legged design known as the Etoile Coffee Table that facilitates nesting or use as… continue reading.

  • Space Coffee Table Large

    Ligne Roset’s Space range is a versatile series of tables and semi-modular storage solutions which comprise completely open or closed… continue reading.

  • Tray Table

    The Tray Table by HAY is a versatile table made with a powder-coated steel frame and practical removable tray a table… continue reading.

  • Oki Table

    The Oki Table is made of marble which stands for strength and stability like hardly any other material. The Oki… continue reading.

  • Adelaide Coffee Table

    We all need good friends. A coffee table is the sofa’s best friend, and in its natural beauty, the Adelaide… continue reading.

  • Tomo Table

    Tomo is a collection of occasional tables with uncluttered styling, made of outstanding natural materials such as wood and marble…. continue reading.

  • Micado Table

    A game using sticks was the inspiration behind Micado Table. The simple, three-legged construction is assembled without hardware and supports… continue reading.

  • Mondrian Coffee Table

    The Mondrian Coffee Table is a collection of coffee tables which are light and elegant. Original structures in aluminium, available… continue reading.