• Crono Sofa

    The Italian designed timber Crono sofa by Antonio Citterio for Flexform updates and reinterprets the classic 1940s armchair.

  • Asymmetric Corner Sofa

    The supremely comfortable BassamFellows Asymmetric Sofa is a stylish, scalable sofa that consists of three different lengths of sofa units:… continue reading.

  • Parma Motion Sofa

    The new Parma powered motion sofa is designed by celebrated Dutch designer, Frans Schrofer. Unlike traditional motion designs, the Parma… continue reading.

  • Rondo 3 Max Sofa

    Inspired by punching bags and household leather objects that “radiate durability and craftsmanship”, the Rondo 3 Max Sofa in leather is designed by Lucy Kurrein for Molinari Living.

  • Frame Modular Sofa

    The Frame Modular Sofa is a sofa system supported by a wooden frame structure to which various accessories can be… continue reading.

  • Plumy Sofa

    Designed 35 years ago, this remake of the iconic piece is constructed entirely of bonded blocks of polyether and foams… continue reading.

  • Essential Sofa

    The Essential Sofa is the third of Edra’s sofas to use “smart” cushions, a technology that makes the cushions pliable… continue reading.

  • Cloud Sofa

    The Cloud Sofa hails from a family of modular sofas, offering a number of compositions adapted to each given space…. continue reading.

  • William Sofa

    The William Sofa is designed for style and engineered for comfort, it also offers incredible modular sofa flexibility – with… continue reading.

  • Australia Sofa Four Seater

    The low lines typical of Danish design, make The Australia Sofa Four Seater perfect for small spaces or rooms with… continue reading.

  • Fly Lounge

    The frame of the Fly Lounge, with a slatted back rest, is made from oak, treated with white pigmented oil or smoked oil.

  • Kett Avoca Sofa

    The compact frame on the Kett Avoca Sofa builds an air of lightness and a slight nod to mid-century Scandinavian… continue reading.

  • Savannah Sofa

    The internationally renowned Swedish designer Monica Förster has joined forces with Erik Jørgensen to create the Savannah Sofa. Savannah comprises a… continue reading.

  • Païpaï Settee

    Païpaï is a project which unfolded from a simple gesture: folding a piece of paper to create a closed shape,… continue reading.

  • Nakki Sofa

    The Nakki Sofa is meant to be a cheerful personality in the room. The sofa has ample, yet firm padding… continue reading.

  • Can Sofa

    The CAN collection includes an armchair and sofa in 2-seater and 3-seater sizes. All pieces come flat-packed and can easily… continue reading.

  • Opera Sofa

    The Opera Sofa is a compact sofa that fits easily into small spaces. Its modular design means you can position… continue reading.

  • About A Lounge Sofa

    About a Lounge Sofa is the most recent addition to the About series, but the design has such a natural… continue reading.

  • Klassic 3 Seater Sofa Leather

    The Klassic 3 Seater Sofa Leather has curved arms and rounded oak legs that create an elegant and considered piece… continue reading.

  • 202 8 Sofa

    Available in a range of size options and configurations, the 202 8 sofa designed by Piero Lissoni is a modern… continue reading.

  • Mags Soft Sofa

    The features that make a the Mags Soft Sofa durable are all the things that are not directly visible: composition,… continue reading.

  • Chelsea Sofa

    The Chelsea Sofa is Karim Rashid’s take on feminine, soft and organic design that adds a sensual comfort to your… continue reading.

  • Chance Sofa

    The Chance sofa by Désirée has an elegant and refined design enhanced by the capitonné manufacturing. The modular nature of… continue reading.

  • Marseille Sofa

    The Marseille Sofa is a welcoming sofa with a generous seating depth and surprising details. It mixes sweeping curves with… continue reading.

  • Indivi 2 Sofa

    Seasons pass and trends come and go, but the modern elegance of the Indivi Sofa is timeless. Lean back and… continue reading.

  • Pleasure Modular Sofa

    The Pleasure Modular Sofa and the Pleasure Up Modular Sofa are both a soft design with linear forms, resting on a metal base.

  • Amoenus Sofa

    Amoenus is a range of chairs with a strong personality offering great comfort. Linear sofa with a deep seat padded… continue reading.

  • Cloud Sofa

    The Cloud Sofa evokes ultimate comfort mixed with contemporary design establishing an informal but sleek visual. Deep cushioned, upright, and… continue reading.

  • Soft Beat Sofa

    Soft Beat Sofa, inspired by a horizon of soft rolling hills, is gentle and inviting. Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune… continue reading.

  • Balance Sofa

    The Balance Sofa design is one that speaks of sophistication and modern grace. The chic chrome detailing combines with a… continue reading.

  • Max Sofa

    The Max Sofa is focused on comfort and simplicity. The soft sink-in comfort of the feather topped seats paired with… continue reading.

  • Felix Sofa

    Enjoy a new level of comfort with Felix from King Living. Built on King Living’s famous engineered steel frame, Felix… continue reading.