• Carter Sofa

    Relax and enjoy the Carter Sofa.  Made in Australia using solid hardwood, the Carter is plush comfort with sleek lines…. continue reading.

  • Boa Sofa

    The Boa Sofa resembles a large nest that also holds many people – lying down, sitting or curled up –… continue reading.

  • Max Sofa

    The Max Sofa is focused on comfort and simplicity. The soft sink-in comfort of the feather topped seats paired with… continue reading.

  • Amoenus Sofa

    Amoenus is a range of chairs with a strong personality offering great comfort. Linear sofa with a deep seat padded… continue reading.

  • BassamFellows Daybed

    Constructed entirely of solid wood, the slim elegant frame of the BassamFellows Daybed holds leather seating cushions. The wood’s richness… continue reading.

  • Crono Sofa

    The Italian designed timber Crono sofa by Antonio Citterio for Flexform updates and reinterprets the classic 1940s armchair.

  • Vuelta Chaise Lounge

    Radiating through its unusual proportions the Vuelta Chaise Lounge offers a special charm as the perfect counterpart for the Vuelta… continue reading.

  • Ray Sofa

    The Ray Sofa is a modular sofa system, consisting of several elements to form numerous comfortable arrangements. Designed by Antonio… continue reading.

  • Amor Sofa

    The Amor Sofa strategically balances sink-in comfort with upright support; it offers relaxation in a classic silhouette. The gently curved… continue reading.

  • Klassik Sofa

    Bespoke touches and slowly worked details are at the heart of the Klassik Sofa. Curved arms and rounded oak legs… continue reading.

  • Delta III Sofa

    The Delta III Sofa combines the well-known storage benefits of the Delta collection with a new look, an elegant approach… continue reading.

  • Nook Sofa

    Well proportioned, Nook is a timeless design. Set atop turned American Oak legs, Nooks slender frame offers broad seating room… continue reading.

  • HT208 Couch

    Simplicity is supreme for Italian furniture brand Henrytimi. An architectural design assisted by a strong geometric presence creates the HT208… continue reading.

  • About A Lounge Sofa

    About a Lounge Sofa is the most recent addition to the About series, but the design has such a natural… continue reading.

  • Hug Love Seat

    The Hug Love Seat Sofa is an ideal place in your home to relax and protect yourself from the frenzy… continue reading.

  • Mariposa Three Seater Sofa

    The extraordinary comfort of the Mariposa Three Seater Sofa is derived from it’s pleasantly soft upholstery and the adjustment mechanism… continue reading.

  • Brodie Sofa

    The Brodie Sofa is a sophisticated system, designed in pieces to enable different variations and access to all space. With its… continue reading.

  • William Sofa

    The William Sofa is designed for style and engineered for comfort, it also offers incredible modular sofa flexibility – with… continue reading.

  • Tama Living Sofa

    The Tama Living sofa is the setting for a special moment. The soft, elegant cushions spread out lavishly. The upholstered… continue reading.

  • Crono Sofa

    The semicircular curved form adds a special touch to the Crono Sofa available in three lengths particularly suitable to mid-room… continue reading.

  • Play Modular Sofa

    The Play Modular Sofa is a series of freestanding and modular seating elements that provide just the right amount of… continue reading.

  • Agent 86 Sofa

    The Agent 86 sofa is an Australian made fully upholstered sofa with commercial grade foam seat, arms and backrest. The… continue reading.

  • John-John Sofa

    The John-John Sofa includes a large backrest, armrest cushions and offers a mobility that facilitates achieving the most comfortable position… continue reading.

  • Indivi 2 Sofa

    Seasons pass and trends come and go, but the modern elegance of the Indivi Sofa is timeless. Lean back and… continue reading.

  • Blockone Sofa

    With linear and rational design, the Blockone Sofa is a system of modular seating, with a broad compositional freedom, both… continue reading.

  • Opera Sofa

    The Opera Sofa is a compact sofa that fits easily into small spaces. Its modular design means you can position… continue reading.

  • Mezzo Sofa

    An air of luxury, exclusive stitching and sublime comfort – the Mezzo sofa will be nothing less than centre stage… continue reading.

  • Britt Sofa

    The Britt Sofa is designed to preserve extreme elegance while offering real comfort. Distinguished by very refined and original covers… continue reading.

  • Miles Sofa

    Austrian handcrafted since 1896, Wittmann is a family business that manufactures high-quality upholstered furniture. The Miles Sofa features swift curves in the… continue reading.

  • Osaka Sofa Bed

    The Osaka sofa bed features a pure look that is softened with beautifully crafted details such as the elegant seams… continue reading.

  • Outline Sofa

    The Outline Sofa is apart of a visually light and elegant sofa series with deep seating for high comfort. Available… continue reading.

  • Nuvola 10 Sofa

    The Nuvola 10 Sofa is designed by Paola Navone for the Italian design furniture label Gervasoni.