• Amoenus Sofa

    Amoenus is a range of chairs with a strong personality offering great comfort. Linear sofa with a deep seat padded… continue reading.

  • Cloud Sofa

    The Cloud Sofa hails from a family of modular sofas, offering a number of compositions adapted to each given space…. continue reading.

  • Istra 2 Sofa

    Light, delicate and with contemporary, straight lines, the Istra 2 sofa will bring modern elegance to your entire living room… continue reading.

  • Redondo Sofa

    The Redondo Sofa is a distinctive two–part shape, the padded shell embraces the huge seat cushions. Its curves are shown… continue reading.

  • Cenova Sofa

    Feel free to judge the Cenova sofa by its cover – we assure you it is as comfortable as it… continue reading.

  • Oliver Sofa

    The luxurious Oliver Sofa is inviting with its comfortable back cushions, complimented by square arms supporting its contemporary feel.  

  • Païpaï Settee

    Païpaï is a project which unfolded from a simple gesture: folding a piece of paper to create a closed shape,… continue reading.

  • Delta III Sofa SEP

    The incredible flexibility of the Delta III Sofa SEP is its ability to be reconfigured into many different settings. Nice… continue reading.

  • Lovely Day Sofa

    The Lovely Day Sofa is a free-standing sofa designed for interacting with friends or intimate conversations for two. The sculptural,… continue reading.

  • Asymmetric Corner Sofa

    The supremely comfortable BassamFellows Asymmetric Sofa is a stylish, scalable sofa that consists of three different lengths of sofa units:… continue reading.

  • Mason Slip Cover Sofa

    The classic Mason Slip Cover Sofa – a contemporary yet timeless sofa, all about simple comfort.  

  • Adelaide Sofa

    Beautiful from all angles and with a great comfort, the Adelaide Sofa is an elegant little masterpiece. Slim organic lines… continue reading.

  • Boa Sofa

    The Boa Sofa resembles a large nest that also holds many people – lying down, sitting or curled up –… continue reading.

  • Frame Modular Sofa

    The Frame Modular Sofa is a sofa system supported by a wooden frame structure to which various accessories can be… continue reading.

  • Hug Love Seat

    The Hug Love Seat Sofa is an ideal place in your home to relax and protect yourself from the frenzy… continue reading.

  • Lune Sofa

    The sculptural and curvy Lune Sofa design is characteristic of Jaime Hayon. In his quest to capture the intersection of… continue reading.

  • Oyster Sofa

    Designed by Jorg Boner, the Oyster Sofa also has a Stool and Lounge Chair as part of this collection. The… continue reading.

  • Landscape Sofa DS-1025

    The innovative Landscape Sofa DS-1025 by Swiss design company de Sede reminds us of mountainous ridges relocated to a living… continue reading.

  • 202 8 Sofa

    Available in a range of size options and configurations, the 202 8 sofa designed by Piero Lissoni is a modern… continue reading.

  • Vuelta Sofa

    Rotation is the meaning of the Spanish word Vuelta. The backrest rotates around the corner and becomes the armrest to… continue reading.

  • Zeno Light Sofa

    Zeno and Zeno Light sofas are part of a new family of component sofas in line with the distinctive image of every new Flexform offering

  • Carter Sofa

    Relax and enjoy the Carter Sofa.  Made in Australia using solid hardwood, the Carter is plush comfort with sleek lines…. continue reading.

  • DePadova Yak

    The DePadova Yak armchair can be appreciated from any position, thanks to the solid wood frame, which acts as a loop to… continue reading.

  • Bristol Sofa

    The Bristol sofa features broad, soft and comfortable shapes, with a wrap-around double backrest cushion, complemented against the thin armrests.

  • Rubix Sofa

    Modular, boxy, yet just as cozy, the Rubix series uniquely features inlaid piping available in multiple colour choices. Varied modular… continue reading.

  • Husk Sofa

    The Husk Sofa is not a sofa with the soft part placed on a base but is, instead, softness turned into… continue reading.

  • Cloverleaf Sofa

    The Verpan Cloverleaf Sofa is uniquely characterised by its deep curves and rich velvet or leather upholstery. The system is… continue reading.

  • Harvey Sofa

    The Harvey Sofa is made in Australia, a full upholstered sofa with feather fibre wrap seat and back cushions. It… continue reading.

  • Borge Mogensen 2213 Sofa

    The Borge Mogensen 2213 Sofa was designed by Mogensen for his own home in 1962. With generous proportions, modest aesthetic,… continue reading.

  • Kett Otway Sofa

    The Kett Otway Sofa celebrates an Australian way of life; drawing inspiration from our natural landscapes and cosmopolitan cities. Available… continue reading.

  • Standard Sofa

    The Standard Sofa designed by Francesco Binfare for Edra represents the ultimate in flexibility and adaptability with countless configurations. The… continue reading.

  • Vuelta Chaise Lounge

    Radiating through its unusual proportions the Vuelta Chaise Lounge offers a special charm as the perfect counterpart for the Vuelta… continue reading.