• Pleasure Modular Sofa

    The Pleasure Modular Sofa and the Pleasure Up Modular Sofa are both a soft design with linear forms, resting on a metal base.

  • Hug Love Seat

    The Hug Love Seat Sofa is an ideal place in your home to relax and protect yourself from the frenzy… continue reading.

  • 503 Soft Props Sofa

    The 503 Soft Props Sofa is an innovatively developed system. It is generated from a nucleus of two modules that… continue reading.

  • Bend Sofa

    Patricia Urquiola’s Bend Sofa is a monolithic curved seating system designed for B&B Italia. The contemporary form provides flexible solutions… continue reading.

  • Madil

    Madil is a tailor made sofa featuring a pull out bedspring, characterised by a variety of configurations including an optional… continue reading.

  • Neo Sofa

    The Neo Sofa delivers exceptional comfort and the versatility of a modular design, to suit your home. The beautiful, gentle… continue reading.

  • Mila Sofa

    Mila Sofa features a scroll arm and a loose 100% linen cover offering an elegant and classic look. Available in… continue reading.

  • Fly Lounge

    The frame of the Fly Lounge, with a slatted back rest, is made from oak, treated with white pigmented oil or smoked oil.

  • Le Bambole ’07

    What makes Le Bambole ’07 really special is the apparent absence of a supporting structure. The extremely natural look of… continue reading.

  • Chelsea Sofa

    The Chelsea Sofa is Karim Rashid’s take on feminine, soft and organic design that adds a sensual comfort to your… continue reading.

  • Indivi Sofa

    With it’s high armrests and open end, the Indivi Sofa is a classic staple piece fit for every home. The… continue reading.

  • Maralunga Sofa

    The Maralunga Sofa has a steel frame and black plastic material base. CFC free polyurethane foam and polyester padding. Seat… continue reading.

  • Delphi Sofa

    The Delphi sofa is spacious and has interesting construction dynamics emphasized by the sophisticated details. The sofa primarily appeals to… continue reading.

  • Flap Modular Sofa

    The Flap Modular Sofa combines the classic look with a relaxed Bohemian style. Flap is a modular sofa with corner elements,… continue reading.

  • Marseille Sofa

    The Marseille Sofa is a welcoming sofa with a generous seating depth and surprising details. It mixes sweeping curves with… continue reading.

  • Adelaide Sofa

    Beautiful from all angles and with a great comfort, the Adelaide Sofa is an elegant little masterpiece. Slim organic lines… continue reading.

  • Plaza Sofa

    The Plaza Sofa was built for comfort with luxurious feather and Ultradown back cushions and deep seats. This sofa is… continue reading.

  • SAKe Sofa

    “The design of the SAKe Sofa comes from the search for lightness. A technological platform, magically suspended in the air… continue reading.

  • Eda-Mame Sofa

    Shaped by an organic development inspired by the form of a soy bean, the typical ingredient in Oriental cuisine, the… continue reading.

  • Favn Sofa

    FAVN; the Danish name for embrace, is a new sofa designed by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen. The sofa is… continue reading.

  • Nuvola 10 Sofa

    The Nuvola 10 Sofa is designed by Paola Navone for the Italian design furniture label Gervasoni.

  • DS-600 Sofa

    Made in Switzerland, de Sede has been designing premium leather furniture since 1965. Founded by a small family of saddle… continue reading.

  • Febo Sofa

    The Febo Sofa Range is completed by four elegant armchairs distinguished by backrests that can be low or high or… continue reading.

  • Mezzo Sofa

    An air of luxury, exclusive stitching and sublime comfort – the Mezzo sofa will be nothing less than centre stage… continue reading.

  • Great Ash Modular Sofa

    The Great Ash Modular Sofa from Eilersen is a modern sofa with a stylish expression. The clean lines give the sofa… continue reading.

  • Flexform Zeno Light Sofa

    The Flexform Zeno Light Sofa is raised off the floor. The visible black metal structure clad in cowhide eliminates the… continue reading.

  • Opera Sofa

    The Opera Sofa is a compact sofa that fits easily into small spaces. Its modular design means you can position… continue reading.

  • Ray Sofa

    The Ray Sofa is a modular sofa system, consisting of several elements to form numerous comfortable arrangements. Designed by Antonio… continue reading.

  • King Boulevard Sofa

    The King Boulevard Sofa by King Living is a luxurious and flexible modular sofa that surrounds you in comfort. Choose… continue reading.

  • LC2 Sofa

    The LC2 Sofa has loose cushions with polyurethane foam and polyester padding or padding in feather (excluding the ottoman) with… continue reading.

  • Ploum Settee

    With a stretchable covering and ultra-soft foam, the Ploum Settee along with the Ploum Loveseat (in the same range) provides incredible… continue reading.

  • Osaka Chaise Lounge

    A light look and slim proportions make the Osaka Chaise Lounge perfect for small homes, while a subtle feminine look… continue reading.