• 503 Soft Props Sofa

    The 503 Soft Props Sofa is an innovatively developed system. It is generated from a nucleus of two modules that… continue reading.

  • Agon Sofa

    The Agon Sofa is a luxurious sofa for everyone who particularly appreciates comfort. The special construction of the backrest allows… continue reading.

  • Carter Sofa

    Relax and enjoy the Carter Sofa.  Made in Australia using solid hardwood, the Carter is plush comfort with sleek lines…. continue reading.

  • Favn Sofa

    FAVN; the Danish name for embrace, is a new sofa designed by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen. The sofa is… continue reading.

  • Airport Sofa

    The Airport Sofa, designed by Paola Navone for Poliform, is designed with extraordinary depth and varying back heights to provide the greatest comfort.

  • Cloud Sofa

    The Cloud Sofa evokes ultimate comfort mixed with contemporary design establishing an informal but sleek visual. Deep cushioned, upright, and… continue reading.

  • Delphi Sofa

    The Delphi sofa is spacious and has interesting construction dynamics emphasized by the sophisticated details. The sofa primarily appeals to… continue reading.

  • Mariposa Three Seater Sofa

    The extraordinary comfort of the Mariposa Three Seater Sofa is derived from it’s pleasantly soft upholstery and the adjustment mechanism… continue reading.

  • Match Sofa

    The Match Sofa hails from a family of modular sofas, offering a number of compositions adapted to each given space…. continue reading.

  • Redondo Sofa

    The Redondo Sofa is a distinctive two–part shape, the padded shell embraces the huge seat cushions. Its curves are shown… continue reading.

  • Bend Sofa

    Patricia Urquiola’s Bend Sofa is a monolithic curved seating system designed for B&B Italia. The contemporary form provides flexible solutions… continue reading.

  • Opera Sofa

    The Opera Sofa is a compact sofa that fits easily into small spaces. Its modular design means you can position… continue reading.

  • Geometric Daybed

    The Geometric Daybed ‘s seat deck is comprised of a Walnut frame with pegged slats engineered to allow for variable… continue reading.

  • Parma Motion Sofa

    The new Parma powered motion sofa is designed by celebrated Dutch designer, Frans Schrofer. Unlike traditional motion designs, the Parma… continue reading.

  • Britt Sofa

    The Britt Sofa is designed to preserve extreme elegance while offering real comfort. Distinguished by very refined and original covers… continue reading.

  • Asymmetric Corner Sofa

    The supremely comfortable BassamFellows Asymmetric Sofa is a stylish, scalable sofa that consists of three different lengths of sofa units:… continue reading.

  • Ling Sofa

    The Ling Sofa is a beautifully detailed and elevated seating range with chameleon-like qualities. Choose a natural ash frame and… continue reading.

  • Max Sofa

    The Max Sofa is focused on comfort and simplicity. The soft sink-in comfort of the feather topped seats paired with… continue reading.

  • Avi Sofa

    Suspended and curvy, the Avi Sofa’s wrap-around shape paired with a slightly curved seat and backrest favours interaction between people.

  • Tufty-Time Sofa

    Designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia, the Tufty-Time Sofa is an informal modular system, with free and versatile composition… continue reading.

  • Mangas Spaces Modules

    The first of its kind, the Mangas collection revolutionised the rug industry. An exceptional design by a unique designer, Patricia Urquiola is now expanding… continue reading.

  • Endor Sofa

    The Endor Sofa is suspended above the floor on wooden feet that are arranged in various positions, inclinations and colours… continue reading.

  • Marenco Sofa

    Designed by Mario Marenco, the Marenco Sofa features a revolutionary system to assemble the seat and armrest cushions to the… continue reading.

  • Mezzo Sofa

    An air of luxury, exclusive stitching and sublime comfort – the Mezzo sofa will be nothing less than centre stage… continue reading.

  • Strips Sofa

    The Bristol sofa features broad, soft and comfortable shapes, with a wrap-around double backrest cushion, complemented against the thin armrests.

  • Savannah Sofa

    The internationally renowned Swedish designer Monica Förster has joined forces with Erik Jørgensen to create the Savannah Sofa. Savannah comprises a… continue reading.

  • Flap Modular Sofa

    The Flap Modular Sofa combines the classic look with a relaxed Bohemian style. Flap is a modular sofa with corner elements,… continue reading.

  • Rossi Sofa

    The Rossi sofa is a reflection of contemporary Australian design, offering relaxed cushioning and subtle details to create a sofa that… continue reading.

  • Bruce Sectional Sofa

    Elegant and sober, the Bruce Sectional Sofa is available in modular and compact versions. The back cushions are padded with goose… continue reading.

  • Crono Sofa

    The semicircular curved form adds a special touch to the Crono Sofa available in three lengths particularly suitable to mid-room… continue reading.

  • Amoenus Sofa

    Amoenus is a range of chairs with a strong personality offering great comfort. Linear sofa with a deep seat padded… continue reading.

  • Blockone Sofa

    With linear and rational design, the Blockone Sofa is a system of modular seating, with a broad compositional freedom, both… continue reading.