• Amoenus Sofa

    Amoenus is a range of chairs with a strong personality offering great comfort. Linear sofa with a deep seat padded… continue reading.

  • Kett Avoca Sofa

    The compact frame on the Kett Avoca Sofa builds an air of lightness and a slight nod to mid-century Scandinavian… continue reading.

  • Marenco Sofa

    Designed by Mario Marenco, the Marenco Sofa features a revolutionary system to assemble the seat and armrest cushions to the… continue reading.

  • Develius Sofa

    The Develius Sofa is the epitome of lounging in luxury. Conceived by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet, the shape is… continue reading.

  • Osaka Sofa Bed

    The Osaka sofa bed features a pure look that is softened with beautifully crafted details such as the elegant seams… continue reading.

  • Bubble Club Sofa

    A veritable icon made by Kartell, the Bubble Club industrial sofa and armchair, made entirely of mass-tinted polypropylene, has been… continue reading.

  • Borge Mogensen 2213 Sofa

    The Borge Mogensen 2213 Sofa was designed by Mogensen for his own home in 1962. With generous proportions, modest aesthetic,… continue reading.

  • Osaka Sofa

    A light look and slim proportions make the Osaka sofa perfect for small homes, while a subtle feminine look and… continue reading.

  • Chelsea Sofa

    The Chelsea Sofa is Karim Rashid’s take on feminine, soft and organic design that adds a sensual comfort to your… continue reading.

  • Frame Modular Sofa

    The Frame Modular Sofa is a sofa system supported by a wooden frame structure to which various accessories can be… continue reading.

  • Tama Living Sofa

    The Tama Living sofa is the setting for a special moment. The soft, elegant cushions spread out lavishly. The upholstered… continue reading.

  • Essential Sofa

    The Essential Sofa is the third of Edra’s sofas to use “smart” cushions, a technology that makes the cushions pliable… continue reading.

  • Keely Sofa

    The Keely Sofa is Australian made and designed. Keely is a contemporary streamlined style designed for supreme comfort. Handcrafted, premium… continue reading.

  • Newbridge Sofa

    Balanced proportions combined with soft contours and generous padding make the Newbridge Sofa warm and inviting. Bases, seats, seat backs and armrests… continue reading.

  • Cenova Sofa

    Feel free to judge the Cenova sofa by its cover – we assure you it is as comfortable as it… continue reading.

  • Burgg Sofa

    Burgg Sofa is a versatile, modular sofa featuring square arms and is low to the ground offering a relaxed look…. continue reading.

  • 503 Soft Props Sofa

    The 503 Soft Props Sofa is an innovatively developed system. It is generated from a nucleus of two modules that… continue reading.

  • Camaleonda Sofa

    Presented to the public in 1970, the Camaleonda Sofa has passed through 5 decades of design history as a true icon…. continue reading.

  • Savannah Sofa

    The internationally renowned Swedish designer Monica Förster has joined forces with Erik Jørgensen to create the Savannah Sofa. Savannah comprises a… continue reading.

  • Felix Sofa

    Enjoy a new level of comfort with Felix from King Living. Built on King Living’s famous engineered steel frame, Felix… continue reading.

  • Bonsai Sofa

    The Bonsai Sofa is inspired by reflections upon Japanese aesthetics and culture. The seats are characterised by soft, curved forms…. continue reading.

  • Savoye Sofa

    The Savoye sofa, designed by Marc Sadler exclusively for Désirée boasts an informal padding in perfect harmony with the structure… continue reading.

  • DePadova Yak

    The DePadova Yak armchair can be appreciated from any position, thanks to the solid wood frame, which acts as a loop to… continue reading.

  • Agon Sofa

    The Agon Sofa is a luxurious sofa for everyone who particularly appreciates comfort. The special construction of the backrest allows… continue reading.

  • The Modular Sofa

    Inspired by Italian grandeur with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism, The Modular Sofa offers both a light weigh expression and… continue reading.

  • Adda Sofa

    The Adda Sofa is a linear component sofa with a clean, contemporary look. The light structure welcomes generously padded goosedown cushions… continue reading.

  • Bristol Sofa

    The Bristol sofa features broad, soft and comfortable shapes, with a wrap-around double backrest cushion, complemented against the thin armrests.

  • Zaza Sofa

    Introducing Zaza, the latest collaboration with award-winning Australian designer Charles Wilson for King Living. Raising the benchmark in contemporary style… continue reading.

  • Mila Sofa

    Mila Sofa features a scroll arm and a loose 100% linen cover offering an elegant and classic look. Available in… continue reading.

  • Carlton Sofa

    Drawing inspiration from 60s and 70s furniture design, the delicate Carlton sofa will give your living room that subtle retro… continue reading.

  • DePadova Square 16

    The DePadova Square 16 a rigorous, clear, squared silhouette, softened by down cushions. Square has harmonious proportions. The slender steel… continue reading.

  • Can Sofa

    The CAN collection includes an armchair and sofa in 2-seater and 3-seater sizes. All pieces come flat-packed and can easily… continue reading.