• Fusion Day Bed

    The fusion daybed is a beautiful and iconic piece of design furniture, mixing Japanese aesthetics with Danish functionality. The loose… continue reading.

  • Amsterdam Sofa

    The Amsterdam designer sofa is a rich blend of opposites. Henrik Pedersen juxtaposes the sofa’s voluminous cushion forms with slimline… continue reading.

  • Mason Slip Cover Sofa

    The classic Mason Slip Cover Sofa – a contemporary yet timeless sofa, all about simple comfort.  

  • Oliver Sofa

    The luxurious Oliver Sofa is inviting with its comfortable back cushions, complimented by square arms supporting its contemporary feel.  

  • Juliet Sofa

    The Juliet Sofa is inviting and relaxed with comfortable back scatter cushions and slim arms complimenting its inviting structure.

  • Greyton Sofa

    The Greyton Sofa, ultimate in comfort and price point. With deep low seating in high density foam and timber frame…. continue reading.

  • SAKe Sofa

    “The design of the SAKe Sofa comes from the search for lightness. A technological platform, magically suspended in the air… continue reading.

  • Tufty-Too Sofa

    The Tufty-Too Sofa recalls one of the most successful designs of Tufty-Time, granting this family of sofas a linear appearance,… continue reading.

  • 503 Soft Props Sofa

    The 503 Soft Props Sofa is an innovatively developed system. It is generated from a nucleus of two modules that… continue reading.

  • Mila Sofa

    Mila Sofa features a scroll arm and a loose 100% linen cover offering an elegant and classic look. Available in… continue reading.

  • Burgg Sofa

    Burgg Sofa is a versatile, modular sofa featuring square arms and is low to the ground offering a relaxed look…. continue reading.

  • Eda-Mame Sofa

    Shaped by an organic development inspired by the form of a soy bean, the typical ingredient in Oriental cuisine, the… continue reading.

  • Crono Sofa

    The semicircular curved form adds a special touch to the Crono Sofa available in three lengths particularly suitable to mid-room… continue reading.

  • Howard Sofa

    The Howard Sofa is a deco inspired contemporary piece. Constructed using 8-way hand tied springs, it is available in a… continue reading.

  • Landscape Sofa DS-1025

    The innovative Landscape Sofa DS-1025 by Swiss design company de Sede reminds us of mountainous ridges relocated to a living… continue reading.

  • Carter Sofa

    Relax and enjoy the Carter Sofa.  Made in Australia using solid hardwood, the Carter is plush comfort with sleek lines…. continue reading.

  • Brodie Sofa

    The Brodie Sofa is a sophisticated system, designed in pieces to enable different variations and access to all space. With its… continue reading.

  • Outline Sofa

    The Outline Sofa is apart of a visually light and elegant sofa series with deep seating for high comfort. Available… continue reading.

  • Nakki Sofa

    The Nakki Sofa is meant to be a cheerful personality in the room. The sofa has ample, yet firm padding… continue reading.

  • Cloud Sofa

    The Cloud Sofa hails from a family of modular sofas, offering a number of compositions adapted to each given space…. continue reading.

  • Match Sofa

    The Match Sofa hails from a family of modular sofas, offering a number of compositions adapted to each given space…. continue reading.

  • The Modular Sofa

    Inspired by Italian grandeur with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism, The Modular Sofa offers both a light weigh expression and… continue reading.

  • Opera Sofa

    The Opera Sofa is a compact sofa that fits easily into small spaces. Its modular design means you can position… continue reading.

  • Felix Sofa

    Enjoy a new level of comfort with Felix from King Living. Built on King Living’s famous engineered steel frame, Felix… continue reading.

  • Hampton Sofa

    The modern Hampton sofa is much more than just good looks. A low base, a stunning loft look, adjustable backrests… continue reading.

  • Osaka Sofa

    A light look and slim proportions make the Osaka sofa perfect for small homes, while a subtle feminine look and… continue reading.

  • Mezzo Sofa

    An air of luxury, exclusive stitching and sublime comfort – the Mezzo sofa will be nothing less than centre stage… continue reading.

  • Istra 2 Sofa

    Light, delicate and with contemporary, straight lines, the Istra 2 sofa will bring modern elegance to your entire living room… continue reading.

  • Indivi 2 Sofa

    Seasons pass and trends come and go, but the modern elegance of the Indivi Sofa is timeless. Lean back and… continue reading.

  • Cenova Sofa

    Feel free to judge the Cenova sofa by its cover – we assure you it is as comfortable as it… continue reading.

  • Carmo Sofa

    The modern Carmo sofa is a real show-stopper with its cubic look, perfectly accentuated by exclusive piping details. Don’t be… continue reading.

  • Carlton Sofa

    Drawing inspiration from 60s and 70s furniture design, the delicate Carlton sofa will give your living room that subtle retro… continue reading.