• Simone Boon

    Simone Boon is a Dutch born artist who resides between Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Living between the east and west has… continue reading.

  • Chris Warnes

    Chris Warnes used a traditional Hasselblad camera to capture delicacy and calm in these two bodies of work – WET… continue reading.

  • Eduardo Santos

    Born in Brazil, Eduardo Santos’ photography and art practice has developed slowly by technical experiment and intuitive process. His work… continue reading.

  • Greg Penn

    Born in the UK, now Melbourne based, Greg has shown work in Chicago, Montreal, San Fransisco Stockholm and at the… continue reading.

  • Mark Roper

    Mark Roper’s Arcane is a series of Polaroids. It is a marriage of old technology with new, merging unpredictability and… continue reading.

  • Mark Tipple

    Over the last five years, Mark Tipple has emerged as a notable documentary photographer working closely with organisations seeking social… continue reading.

  • Sophia Szilagyi

    Sophia Szilagyi is a calm, deep thinking, talented Australian artist and her work is powerful. When you stand in front… continue reading.

  • Trevor Mein

    Sometimes it takes an artist to show us what is in front of our noses. To capture the most nebulous… continue reading.

  • Concrete Bath

    Concrete Bath, photograph taken by Glen Allsop, a simple and beautiful monochromatic print.

  • Monochrome Patterns 8

    Nick Leary exclusive to King Living is an internationally acclaimed fine art and commercial photographer with a career behind the… continue reading.

  • Joshua Yeldham

    ‘Surrender Tree’ marks Joshua Yeldham’s first solo show in Sydney for almost three years. 2013 has already been a highly… continue reading.

  • Alicia Taylor

    Five years ago Alicia Taylor photographed an incredible storm in Tasmania sparking a desire to use the image as part… continue reading.