Pots & Planters

  • Anchor Ceramics Planter

    Anchor Ceramics planter ‘s are handmade in limited quantities in our studio in Melbourne, Australia. Thrown on a potter’s wheel,… continue reading.

  • Batur

    The Batur pots are handmade. Sculptural and organic, their typical patterns are imprints of the craftsman’s knuckles ensuring each pot… continue reading.

  • Bilbao

    The Bilbao pot plant is a modern and surprisingly elegant planter inspired by the new headquarters of the Basque Health Department… continue reading.

  • Graz

    If you want to add elegance to your home, the Graz planter by Domani offers different sizes and natural tones…. continue reading.

  • Atlantis

    The ribbed surface of the Atlantis pot is made by imprinting metal plates. The ceramic is glazed and baked on… continue reading.

  • Zinc Cubic

    The Zinc Cubic planters by Domani are made from titanium-zinc plates soldered together with tin. The zinc contains 4% silver, making… continue reading.

  • Texel Pot

    The Texel Pot by Domani is both simple and timeless. A textured terracotta pot available in natural colours and different… continue reading.

  • Vasija Redonda

    Composed of a rounded square pot, nature appears as a source of inspiration for the Vasija Redonda planter. A smooth, sleek… continue reading.

  • Vasija Cuadrada

    Composed of a rounded square pot, nature appears as a source of inspiration for the Vasija Cuadrada planter. A smooth, sleek… continue reading.

  • Macetero Vase – Small

    An extension of the Isla collection from Vondom, the Macetero Vase is a striking planter designed by JM Ferrero. Its shape… continue reading.

  • Den Holm

    Steven John Clark is the maker behind Den Holm; a stone mason and artist living and working in the northern… continue reading.

  • Atelier Vierkant AH140 Pot

    The Atelier Vierkant AH140 Pot is a hand-crafted planter designed to last a lifetime. Constructed using unique clay from different regions of… continue reading.