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    Whether it’s merely a beautiful tool that makes life a whole lot easier, sometimes it’s the little things in life that give us incredible happiness. As design junkies, we prefer that the two spheres of form and functionality collide and this Product Love feature is dedicated to a few found objects that fall perfectly within that intersection. From office to kitchen accessories, these trinkets and gadgets make us smile.

    SMD Magazine Holder
    Stina Sandwall graduated from Beckmans School of Design and has garnered much attention for her designs after being awarded the Excellent Swedish Design Award in 2001.

    Est Magazine Object Love Magazine Rack

    Fraga Tray by Gam Fratesi
    Fraga by Italian-Scandinavian married duo, GamFratesi, is a combination of a table and a pouf. The tray can be removed for cleaning, as the fabric of the pouf is removable too. Talk about Scandinavian functionality.
    Est Magazine Object Love tray GamFratesi

    Sand Containers & Well Vessels
    These containers are made from a mixture of natural stone powder with resin, handmade manufacturing process. Minimal and stylishly functional. Just the way we like ’em.

    Est Magazine product love sand vessel

    Tofu Stationary Set
    This super linear desk organizer is made from maple wood and crafted from a single solid slab. It comes with six distinct, minimalistic cubes that have a place for all things stationary like pens, notes, paper clips and even tape. OCD at its finest.

    Est Magazine Product Love Tofu Stationary

    Fierzo Desk Organizer
    Swiss industrial designer Julie Richoz focuses her work on reinventing ordinary objects into sleek, minimalist pieces with maximum function. She came up with the Fierzo desk organizer for Italian design house Alessi. This piece is light and airy, and non obtrusive.

    Est Magazine fierzo Desk organizer

    Michael Verheyden Black Trays
    Using basic geometry and raw materials, Belgian designer Michael Verheyden creates simple and beautiful objects. We love these black trays for keys, phones, even jewellery.

    Est Magazine Product Love michaelver heyden

    Grovemade Maple Keyboard
    These design driven goods are pretty bang on. Handcrafted in a workshop in Portland, Oregon, the team of friends that make up Grovemade clearly have an eye for style and quality. The keyboard is sophisticated and clean but not too modern.

    Est Magazine Grovermade Maple keyboard Product Love

    Shkatulka Desk Accessories
    Shkatulka is actually Russian for casket. While this product on our ‘love list’ is actually not in production, we think it should be. Caskets  or boxes of sorts with a ‘secret’, special opening mechanism, were very popular in old Russia (probably still are) and were used for keeping valuables and important items. This storage kit is made of various modules that are interchangeable depending on your needs.

    Est Magazine Product Love Shkatulka desk accessories

    W&W Tech Organizer
    The W+W Stationery Series by Swedish brand Ideaco & Oliver Franz is a minimal stationery and desk organizer. The “W+W” stands for white ceramic and wood. The tray holds pens, paper clips, and other small items, as well as a memo pad and a smartphone. The grooved tray can also accommodate your iPhone charger when not otherwise occupied. Very practical.

    Est Magazine product love pentray

    Merchant No.4 Pitcher with Cup
    This piece is from Lagos del Mundo, a project of Mexican craftsmanship. The ceramic pitcher with cup is handmade with traditional natural clay and glazes. It’s minimal in form but rustic and eclectic looking as well.

    Est Magazine Product Love Ceramic Pitcher


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