Tag: Artwork

  • Rachel Coad

    Well known as a figurative painter, Rachel Coad was awarded the $50,000 Black Swan Prize for portraiture in 2016. Her… continue reading.

  • Sally Gabori

    Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori (born c. 1924) was an Indigenous Australian artist who at age 81 began painting in an abstract-like… continue reading.

  • Luc Dratwa

    With their resemblance to paintings or drawings, the work of Luc Dratwa packs an expressive punch with emotional depth. Dratwa’s… continue reading.

  • Hengki Koentjoro

    Hengki Koentjoro produces fine art photography which goes far beyond the perfect light and shadow drawings of black and white…. continue reading.

  • Wolfgang Uhlig

    The Frankfurt-based artist, Wolfgang Uhlig always keeps his focus on the sea, capturing this atmospheric subject at different times of… continue reading.

  • Daniel Reiter

    In his atmospheric works, Daniel Reiter reveals the absolute beauty of cloudy mountain peaks and rolling ocean waves. Each photograph… continue reading.

  • Ysabel LeMay

    Ysabel LeMay has a creative process which is painstaking, laborious, and highly intuitive at the same time. Her jumping off… continue reading.

  • Gavin Evans

    Gavin Evans’ philosophy is of the opinion that you cannot accurately portray a person with a single flawless photograph. “Both… continue reading.

  • Olaf Hajek

    With his almost surreal approach, Olaf Hajek brings the world of fables and floral splendour back into our consciousness. The… continue reading.

  • Isabelle Menin

    It is immediately apparent that Isabelle Menin has a strong artistic background in painting. Her bright colours and invigorating, fanciful… continue reading.

  • Sebastian Magnani

    Sebastian Magnani skilfully captures the aura of the mysterious superhero Batman, and then places it within the context of our… continue reading.

  • Christo

    Wrapped Globe, Wrapped Fountain and Ponte Sant’Angelo are elaborate, handmade works by the artist Christo. He used a photo of… continue reading.

  • Christoph Schrein

    With wavy, flowing streams of colour, Christoph Schrein takes the viewer into a new realm of time and space. The… continue reading.

  • HT509

    The HT509 is handmade in Italy, tailored and crafted with the highest quality materials combined with sophisticated technologies.

  • David Umemoto Settlements

    David Umemoto follows a slow creative process seeking to imitate the erosion and re-creation cycles of nature. He reacts to… continue reading.

  • Glen Allsop

    Originally from Sydney, Australia, Glen Allsop is a photographer who seeks authenticity and a sense of atmosphere in his work. As… continue reading.