Tag: Blue Sofas

  • Harper Sofa

    The Harper Sofa incorporates loose upholstered cushions within generous arms, all designed to wrap you up in comfort.

  • Miles Sofa

    Austrian handcrafted since 1896, Wittmann is a family business that manufactures high-quality upholstered furniture. The Miles Sofa features swift curves in the… continue reading.

  • Vuelta Sofa

    Rotation is the meaning of the Spanish word Vuelta. The backrest rotates around the corner and becomes the armrest to… continue reading.

  • Cloverleaf Sofa

    The Verpan Cloverleaf Sofa is uniquely characterised by its deep curves and rich velvet or leather upholstery. The system is… continue reading.

  • Mariposa Three Seater Sofa

    The extraordinary comfort of the Mariposa Three Seater Sofa is derived from it’s pleasantly soft upholstery and the adjustment mechanism… continue reading.