• Oki Occasional Table

    The highlights: lightness, balance and geometry “ Oki is an exceptional implementation of the basic tenets of minimalist design. The… continue reading.

  • Farns Sideboard

    The Farns Sideboard is as clear and innovative as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s œFarnsworth House was at the time “ the… continue reading.

  • Crosshatch Chair

    The Crosshatch Chair employs both handcraft and technology to achieve alluringly refined results. Designed by EOOS, Crosshatch is lightweight and… continue reading.

  • Bundle Sofa

    The Bundle Sofa designed by Gernot Bohmann and Martin Bergmann of EOOS is inspired by a very unique origin –… continue reading.

  • Tama Living Sofa

    The Tama Living sofa is the setting for a special moment. The soft, elegant cushions spread out lavishly. The upholstered… continue reading.

  • Oki Table

    The Oki Table is made of marble which stands for strength and stability like hardly any other material. The Oki… continue reading.