Tag: Flinders Lane Gallery

  • Kathrin Longhurst

    A classically trained figurative painter who was born in communist East Germany Kathrin Longhurst began attending life drawing classes at the… continue reading.

  • Leah Thiessen

    Leah Thiessen has abstract, highly layered images which are created in direct response to bush, beaches and mangroves that surround… continue reading.

  • Peter Sydnicas

    Peter Syndicas has sculptures inspired by his fascination with organic shapes in their simplest forms – fractals of nature. Twigs… continue reading.

  • Melinda Schawel

    The abstracted compositions of Melinda Schawel conjure a kind of visual ecology; a symbolic world where concept and construct interact… continue reading.

  • Annika Romeyn

    Striving to connect the realms of micro and macro, representation and abstraction, Annika Romeyn has recent artworks inspired by rock… continue reading.

  • Karlee Rawkins

    Based in the beautiful mid-north coast of New South Wales, Karlee Rawkins has a vast and rich landscape full of… continue reading.

  • Melanie McCollin-Walker

    Drawing on a combination of memory, observation and emotional sensitivity McCollin-Walker’s evocative landscape paintings directly reference the beauty of the… continue reading.

  • Dan Lorrimer

    Dan Lorrimer is a designer maker living and working in Canberra, who works predominantly in sculpture and product design. His… continue reading.

  • Jacob Leary

    Jacob Leary is a multi-disciplinary artist with a practice spanning a range of mediums including painting, prints, video and installation…. continue reading.

  • Agneta Ekholm

    Serene, vast and immersive, Agneta Ekholm’s sensitively layered paintings evoke a myriad of emotional and cognitive responses. Her organic compositions… continue reading.

  • Melissa Boughey

    Melissa Boughey’s painting practice speaks of a life lived on the land and an intimate connection with both the wild… continue reading.

  • Kim Anderson

    Kim Anderson recently exhibited as part of Mutual Realities: Finding Common Ground in Uncertain Times at the Art Gallery of… continue reading.